Thursday, September 08, 2011

The End of Sunlight!

Emails have been circulating saying it is time to celebrate. We would like to post reasons to celebrate, so send them to us. So far, we've only got this to share.

From the in box:

The update of the Encinitas constitution, the General Plan, and some accompanying zoning amendments, were released on Sept. 1.

The planning department is celebrating the changes they have made to the General Plan.
The public doesn’t know exactly where all the changes have been made because the Planning Director will not release that information.

A small portion of the changes can be seen reflected in the zoning amendments.

Some of what is known so far:

Residents don’t want mixed use; the Planning Department does and intends to turn major shopping areas in Encinitas into a combination of condos/offices/commercial with parking structures.

The first large area for this change will be El Camino Real. 

A minimum of 1000 dwelling units (condos) plus parking structures will be added to the current shopping area. Planning is also increasing the height of buildings in the new mixed use areas. 

The current General Plan prohibits buildings over 30 feet or two stories. City Planners want 35-40 feet tall buildings. Incidentally, the City Council can add more condos with a General Plan amendment.
Is this how residents see the City of Encinitas in 2035?


  1. I told you all along. The public partication time spent by the residents was a waste of life. Staff and Council will do as they please just as always. You only need to look at every past issue in front of them. Two recent examples are Hall Regional Sports Complex Plan, and the Cardiff Specific Plan.

    why do people waste their time like this. The only way to make positive change in this City is to sue the City for all their wrong doings, or get the current scum lead by Jerome Stocks out of Office.

    If anyone complains about anything in this City, ask them who they voted for. Likely they will not remember. Remind them, that they are a big part of the reason why Encinitas is run by special interests.

    Spread the word, Stocks is poison to the future of Encinitas. If you want Encinitas to be nicer than Oceanside or Bell, vote for anyone besides Jerome Stocks.

  2. Doesn't the Coastal Commission limit the height of any building to 30 feet? I used to but perhaps it has changed?

  3. Building heights are set by local jurisdictions, and then approved by the Coastal Commission under the Local Coastal Plan. Along the El Camino Real corridor it is only the west side of the street north of Encinitas Blvd. that is in the Coastal Zone. South of Encinitas Blvd. both sides are in the zone.

    The city has planned for medium heights along the El Camino Real corridor. This would be 4-7 stories. The Coastal Commission has approved these heights in other areas.

    Only the citizens of Encinitas can stop this by electing the right people to the council. It looks like the city will attempt to raise the height limitations in increments. It would only take a General Plan amendment and a super majority on the council to do it. I believe the Coastal Commission would go along with it, since the area is already urbanized.

  4. You have to love no power! It's been the quietest evening I've heard in 30 years along the coast!

  5. There is no reason to allow height of structures beyond what we already allow for commercial buildings.

    Do we really need anything taller than Pacific Station / Whole Foods?


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