Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Encinitas Network Questioning GP: That's interesting.

Flawed ‘Draft’ of new General Plan 2035 Goes Before Encinitas City Council
Encinitas City Council Chambers

The First ‘public’ hearing on the newly released ‘draft’ Comprehensive General Plan Update 2035 may be the most important political and financial event in Encinitas since the 1994 vote on Prop K that brought the Ecke Ranch properties into the incorporation with the City of Encinitas.

We believe it is.
 This alert/reminder goes out to 1800 Encinitas business owners and residents this afternoon. Though they did not create it, the Encinitas City Council is responsible to approve the just released ‘draft’; General Plan ‘Update’ Wednesday, the first 'public hearing' is 6:00 pm at Encinitas City Hall. Everyone is invited.

        What does this public hearing mean to you; your family, your life, your business?

We believe this City Council hearing is completely 'about' the future finances of Encinitas; from NOW onto the Year 2035.

This ‘draft’ plan, in part proposes up to 2,200 multi-family housing units to be located along El Camino Real and Encinitas Boulevard on commercial property. 

The Problem with the new General Plan 2035 'Draft'?
We believe the ‘draft’ plan in it’s current form is flawed and/or incomplete because while it locates this new growth along the two New Encinitas commercial corridors, to date there is no study or analysis on ‘How’ this new concentrated growth will be economically feasible or ‘How’ to realistically handle this burden of over 20,000 additional vehicle trips per day. 

We do not believe this new General Plan process should proceed 'as is' until the locating of new growth on heretofore commercial-only retail centers and corridors is professionally vetted by actual business people, as to it's potentially significant financial and cultural impacts on New Encinitas and the annual income stream for the City of Encinitas annually. To date there is no plan to do so, but there is a calendar for approving the General Plan 2035 without an economic impact analysis. As we all know, traffic in these New Encinitas areas is already a challenge and further degradation of service as the potential and additional 2200 homes will only make it more difficult for customers to reach/visit the shopping centers, businesses or services that currently generate an enormous amount of sales tax revenue that literally underwrites our local government.

These questions have been repeatedly raised by the New Encinitas Network, and it's Commercial Corridor's Focus Group,but have gone unanswered. In many scenarios this plan, as-is could honestly be a sure-fire recipe for diminished values commercially and residentially in the two corridors and certainly residentially in the surrounding affected New Encinitas neighborhoods. Nobody knows but this process goes on.

The City of Encinitas believes that the residents and business owners of NEW ENCINITAS have 'signed-off' and approve of this new general Plan 2035. We believe 99% of you never heard of this plan and certainly would not approve.  .


Should you choose to read the elements of the ‘draft’ General Plan 2035 for yourself? Here is a Link:
Should you choose to express your opinion on any or part of the ‘draft’ General Plan 2035, feel free to contact your elected official.
Mayor: James Bond .......................633-2623
Deputy Mayor: Jerome Stocks ....633-2622
Council Members:
 Teresa Barth ...............................633-2620 
Kristin Gaspar.............................633-2624

Feel free to call us with any questions; 760 683-4290

Thank you, to those who have taken the time to read
this invitation; become better informed
and to attend and be counted
or whom contact their elected representatives to register their opinion.

Mike Andreen
Executive Director
Business Network


  1. Mikey lives. The problem is Mikey has zero credibility so no one will raise an eyebrow. The General Plan will get approved and the traffic will get worse. Its just the way it is.... the city needs income to pay for all those huge pensions.

  2. Like I always knew. Attending all those meetings was meaningless and a waste of life. Again, Council will cow-toe to special interests over resident interests every time. Staff already knows what next draft to Council will look like. This is all just a dance.

  3. I guess I still believe, or maybe I'm out to lunch, but I am very concerned that the driving factors in the Land Use portion
    of the General Plan Update are the Regional Housing Needs Assessment conclusions (SANDAG), not the will of the people.

    I've read in the FAQs items of the GP website that relate to Encinitas residents as being
    the most weighted influence...

    "if we focus the General Plan on the issues that matter the most to
    Encinitas residents-and develop a realistic strategy for


    "it is important to note that the residents of Encinitas will hold
    the primary role in developing the General Plan update through
    direction provided at public workshops and other public outreach venues."

    I believe we can only have both scenarios if the citizens of
    Encinitas are primarily interested in significant growth along the corridors outlined in the plan. I don't believe this is the case.

    Will there be some vehicle for measuring this consensus? Perhaps a vote of the people?

    I'm not so cynical that I believe the deal is already done. I certainly don't believe if you asked any citizen of Encinitas if he would like the future city to have 5-7 story mixed-use projects lining El Camino Real and Encinitas Blvd. that they would say yes, that's my perfect vision for my city.

    I also believe the New Encinitas citizens are strongly opposed to this proposal (even beyond Mike).


  4. But 5-7 stories is better for the environment.

  5. 5 t0 7 Stories is good for openspace, environment,and the property owners pocketbook.


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