Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sith Lords and Whiners in Harmony at City Hall

The vision of the city’s five distinct communities was released in draft form and delivered to the City Council Sept. 14, but over a dozen speakers expressed dissatisfaction with the contents of the massive document.


  1. Waite until I take the new 4 story zoning and then apply the new state density bonus laws, I will have my 5 to 7 story buildings and there is nothing that the City can do about it.

    State laws override local zoning laws. Density Bonus is making me a ton of money all at the expense of the existing residents. I think it is so funny that the City would voluntarily increase their density, when the State already did 20 to 30% all over Encinitas.

    Don't get mad at me. I am just about making money. You are the idiot that voted in all your loser politicians like Jerome Stocks who supports all the developers interests over resident interests every time.

  2. Sith Lords ain't what they used to be. A long time ago in a distant galaxy there were some real Sith Lords.

  3. HH,

    I think you came up with sith lords.
    "Whiners" is okee dokeey, though?


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