Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bizarre rant by Encinitas city council member appears in Canada

Encinitas city council dude Jerome Stocks wrote an editorial for The Candadian for some reason. And by editorial we mean it's mostly drunken angry blog post (we should know) that suggest Obama call former California governor Pete Wilson.
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Also, click around "The Canadian" website
The front page is mish mash of random and weird articles with an emphasis on UFO's and extraterrestrials.


  1. I have read the entire response written by Jerome Stocks. It does not in any way sound like a drunken rant. He really has a grip on the cumbersome and time consuming process involved in the approval of any infrastructure based project.

    He is completely correct. If we want to move quickly to create more jobs building roads, bridges, pipelines, airports, lightrail, etc., the approval process must be streamlined.

    I've missed the point of your comment, the guy's telling the truth.

    You really don't have to go far to see how regulation has brought progress to near paralysis. In something as simple as a building permit to remodel your residence, you will encounter more review and regulations than you would expect.

    I think Jerome's point is simply that you can't have can't have a ready / quick supply of jobs within the present system of review and regulation. The review and regulation is just too lengthy and cumbersome.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. Kinda agree with leftcoast.

    The column itself is much more lucid and less drunk-sounding than some of his stuff on Rostra.

    It's actually quite similar to Sarah Palin's "drill, baby, drill" speech, and she's not known to be a drunk as far as I know.

    But the weird thing is why he's sending his editorials to weird Canadian UFO sites.

  3. To me it reads more like a simplistic rant than a reasoned analysis of our very serious economic situation. Stocks writes that the EPA "steals more jobs and wealth in one week than a corporate jet full of greedy bankers in a life time." The Environmental Protection Act has been on the books for decades. Does Stocks really believe that the 2008 economic meltdown would have been prevented if the EPA didn't exist?

    Stocks uses a very bad example with the collapsed bridge on the Santa Monica Freeway. This was simply the rebuilding of an already existing structure which didn't need much review, except for upgrading to new earthquake standards.

    Stocks doesn't even considered the importance of wise and prudent spending of money and investment in the future. His motto should be "Spend, Baby, Spend." When huge amounts of money are quickly and carelessly spent, there will tremendous waste. Solyndra is only the most recent example.

    The choice of words and the scrambled logic doesn't suggest a sober commentary. For this go to Stocks' recent blog on SD Rostra about planting a lawn. This is the more reasonable Stocks, but then it does sound like someone else wrote the piece for him.

    The Canadian piece is an expression of deep frustration on the part of Stocks, No wonder, as he has a long string of botched, ill-planned projects, from the Encinitas Mossy Public Works yard, the over budget Sprinter, the Hall property park, and the latest, the I-5 expansion. Stocks is very good at pointing the finger of blame at others, and never at himself.

  4. He must have been drunk to post his piece on that site. Take a listen to the Introduction video, does Stocks really see himself as alternative anti-corporation new age UFO believer? SCARY.


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