Thursday, October 27, 2011

Family of Heros

Both Muirs have now been awarded leadership awards from Mike Andreen's ECR group.

Mo Muir for doing her work on the school board got Educator of the Year. Mark just got named as a hero for being a firefighter, according to Patch.


  1. Mike Andreen is such a pathetic human. He will stoop to no low and will continually prove how dumb humans can act.

    Is there anyone on earth, that is willing to stick their nose soooo far up someones ass just to get a little pat on the head.

    This guy gets me sick and is a good example to so your children of a man gone wrong with zero integrity.

    Keep up the pathetic work Mike Assreem. One thing for sure is your always consistently a loser.

  2. It's wonderful to hear that our $175,000 a year Fire Chief is acknowledged for his extraordinary achievements. I'd like to hear more about them.

    Just curious, though - what's a "Mike Andreen" and what's an "ECR" group? (I think I understand "Assream.)"

  3. ECR is El Camino Real

    Andreen is Jerome's bro.


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