Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Debt than Expected

SDCTA released a report on local cities' retiree health care funding.

The City of Encinitas sat on a retiree health care liability study for months and refused to release it the public. The report was materially complete. The city called it draft and told the public to go away so they could get on with doing the people's business. That refusal, a violation of the California Public Records Act, was soon followed with a refusal to release the materially complete roads report.


  1. Encinitas voters are too stupid to know what this means, Encinitas voters are too stupid to elect decent politicians to make a positive change.

    Encinitas voters are too fucking stupid!

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  3. whoa! and not an Anon, hes right...at the numbers!

  4. Add in the liability of SDWD and the total almost reaches $10 million. Only the City of Chula Vista is higher of the cities listed, and it's a much larger city.

    Folks, we gotta problem!!

  5. Too bad the voters of Encinitas are so fucking stupid.

    they listen to Stocks and Bonds saying, This City is well run and we have plenty off money.

    When they should say, Stocks and the other loser City Council members sold out our City's great finances and gave all the future City taxes to the slacker City Employees. How the fuck did this happen? Man our residents are fucking morons!!! Plain and simple retards!!!

  6. These numbers are simply rounding errors when compared to the unfunded pension liabilities.


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