Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photos from Occupy Encinitas Blvd

Looks like a big turnout. I have never attended a protest before but might have gone to this one if I didn't have to open the shop and work all day.
Photos courtesy of Mary Fleener.


  1. This is an amazing turnout IMHO. I had the privilege of walking with MLK in Atlanta, and he said if only 1 person showed up it was a good turnout. Thanks for the pictures Mary.

  2. "Occupy" doesn't have a message or a purpose. It's an excuse for everyone to get together and be pissed off for wildly varying reasons without presenting a solvable objective. I am of course against wars and corporate greed. I also don't like midgets punching me in the balls, but you don't see me out there with a sign about it.

  3. Beep Beep-I don't know how old you are, but if you are young if would be wise for you to understand the message. Corporate greed won't affect me, but it will affect younger people and their children. You can stay in the dark, or actually learn what it is about. And believe it or not, Occupy actually does have a message. Your choice. I'm old enough to let it be just the way it is.

  4. Starman-Figure it out yourself. That way you will have to do your own research, instead of me spoon feeding it to you. As I said, I am old enough that none of this will affect me. It is the younger people it will affect. So the only reason I am out there is to help secure people like J.P's future. Sorry J.P. it's just you are younger than I.

  5. So, W.C., are you suggesting that I will be shot, as I am definitely a white bitch. I'll keep that in mind. Should I be "packing"? And I am not talking about packing to go on a trip.

  6. Occupy is basically a protest of everything. It's a protest against the still lingering effects of the Bush years and a protest against Obama for delivering on his campaign promises. It's a protest against Wall Street and mega-corporations because the taxpayers were promised an economic rebound and jobs if we bailed out the banks. It's a protest against the new age of the Robber Barons.
    The Tea Party hates Occupy even though they are basically protesting the same thing, except Occupy is younger than Tea Party.
    Tea Party dresses up like Revolutionary soldiers, Occupy dresses up like zombies.
    Neither group has figured out how to use a computer and Kinko's to make a decent picket sign.

  7. Dr. Lorri,

    I don't know anyone who would call you a b-- (though you might be guilty on the count of being white).

    The central complaint (I think) of the Occupy movement is that the bankers destroyed the economy and then got bailed out with our money. Which is entirely correct.

    Where the Occupiers go wrong is calling for socialism and government handouts, which you'll see both in the proposed "platforms" coming out of the movement and in the "99%-er" pictures and on signs carried by the protesters.

    The real problem is the corruption between Wall Street and Washington -- privatized profits and socialized losses. Wall Street has way too much influence in Washington, and it is destroying this country.

    I wrote about this here.

    This should be common ground between Occupy and the Tea Party: get rid of the corrupt crony capitalism between Wall Street and Washington.

  8. W.C. You're one smart dude. Beep beep im a jeep. eat me, im a twinkie: Best handle ever! The bio is hilarious.


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