Monday, October 24, 2011

Time for a Change

From the mailbox,

It is time to start charging people for parking and tearing out parking spaces all together. We should be using parking spaces for people, not cars. Please share these links with your readers. W.O.
Cities today have ballooned into near-uncontrollable masses of cement and cluster. If you live in a car-centric metropolis of some significant population, you know what I'm talking about (if not, then you're one of the lucky ones). The question is clear: What do we do about cities that are becoming unlivable?
Grist has a post that discusses the issues of the modern city, what is currently being done, and what can be done to curb these horrid conditions. Here's an excerpt:
The world’s cities are facing unprecedented challenges. In Mexico City, Tehran, Kolkata, Bangkok, Beijing, and hundreds of other cities, the air is no longer safe to breathe. In some cities the air is so polluted that breathing is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. Respiratory illnesses are rampant. In many places, the number of hours commuters spend sitting in traffic-congested streets and highways climbs higher each year, raising frustration levels. In response to these conditions, we are seeing the emergence of a new urbanism, a planning philosophy that environmentalist Francesca Lyman says “seeks to revive the traditional city planning of an era when cities were designed around human beings instead of automobiles.”
Maybe the time for traditional urbanism has come to an end. Maybe cities should focus less on industrialization and commercial development in favor of making themselves more habitable for their greatest resource: their inhabitants. And if that means more parks and less parking lots, why not?


  1. Bike lanes are for bikes not people. Get rid of bike lanes and make cities for people.

  2. No parking is not the solution.

    I'm a long-time bicyclist and car-hater, but everyone needs a car every now and then. I've lived in parking hell Frisco, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

    Overpopulation via overdevelopment is the problem. For that, thank the Stocks council majority and the city staff trying to make it worse via the general plan.

  3. I am curious.

    What is the true expectation in the new gen plan daft?

    What percent of the city’s population is truly going to resort to riding their bike en lieu of driving their car?

    What percent of the city’s population can actually, and in some sort of practicality, bike and/or use public transportation to commute to their jobs?

    Is the expectation that the residence of New Encinitas will choose to not drive, and ride there bikes to the Pannikin for coffee and then ride home?

    Is the expectation that the residence of Leucadia will choose not to drive, and bike to do their errands on El Camino Real and then ride their bike home with all their groceries and goods?

    I am an avid biker and pride myself on not using my car when I don’t half to.

    Perhaps if Encinitas had a geography and infrastructure like Amsterdam these goals would be realistic.

    I think I need some of the city’s special “Cool Aid”, then I would see the light.

  4. Let's make encinitas a NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle) Community.

  5. Years ago I proposed a trolley,or electric system in Encinitas, much like that of San Francisco, but smaller in size of course. Jerome informed me we were not San Francisco, in is condescending way, and that there was no other option than cars. Personally I walk pretty much everyone I need to go. However it is getting difficult to park downtown and when WalMart goes in forget El Camino Real.

  6. NEVs are cars. They use power that could be used for other things. We should make Encinitas for people, not cars or bikes.

  7. Lorri,

    Trolleys use power that could be used for other things. We should make Encinitas for people, not trolleys.

  8. San Fransisco has great mass transit. San Fransisco has lots of car traffic. San Fransisco is not for people.

  9. Mike-What City do you know of that is for people, since everything that has been suggested you reject? Sometimes people that work have to use transit systems. I would rather see trolleys', electric cars etc. than more autos on the street. Unless you stay home all of the time and walk everywhere, you are being a bit unrealistic.

  10. I don't reject a city that is for people.

  11. Where is this trolley to be used? Encinitas Blvd? Leucadia Blvd? El Camino Real? Vulcan? A trolley? Really? Come on now! Where would the stops be and how would you get to your specific destination? We already have clean, natural gas mass transit that nobody rides because you can't get to where you really want to be. I certainly can not take my three dogs to the dog beach on a bus or trolley. Who's being unrealistic here?

  12. LL-That's what Jerome said. Are you Jerome? Have you been to San Francisco, D.C., NYC, Chicago, Portland, all of Europe? I am not speaking about just a trolley. I am talking about rapid transit. It is done in most major cities and used to be in Los Angeles before General Motors bought out the system and tore it down. When I was a kid in L.A we used to take the electric cars all over the city. You can still see some of the tracks on the hills of Verdugo. Use your imagination a bit. Or is it just because I suggested it you castigate it? Not one trolley,but a series of interconnected systems that move people. Is this really that complicated for you to grasp? Or would you rather continue to gripe about it? I am beginning to wonder about how serious many of you are about making much of a difference in this City. Lots of complaining, but I don't see you stepping up and putting your real names on this blog, or putting your time and effort changing things. Some things cannot be changed, but other things can. Use your time wisely and don't continue to find reasons way things cannot be done, because they can.

  13. I have lived in Eugene and Seattle, I have been to Portland and SF, they are sooo diferent in so many ways. Mass transit does not work here. People love their cars. I know that I like choices and I take the coaster south when ever I can, but only when it is practical. How am I suposed to use mass transit to go camping? No, I am not Jerome.

  14. LL-If you think mass transit does not work in S.F. then I give up. I spent 2 years of schooling in Berkeley and never drove a car. I got everywhere I wanted to on busses, electric cars, trolleys and BART. I spent a great deal of time in S.F and never needed a car. My daughter lives there now, without a car. If you want to go camping, then rent a car or move to an area where you can camp.We were not talking about that. Glad you are not Jerome. And if I sound a bit "pissy" it is because I have been maligned so much on this blog even when I am trying to be do something for this community that I love. As a Parks and Rec. Commissioner I hear a lot of complaints but few solutions. So sorry if I called you Jerome. That was just unkind:)

  15. Poked at for covering your Fire Chief buddy's ass!

    What do you call it when the city and chief try to hide firefighter misconduct from the public?

  16. "It is time to start charging people for parking and tearing out parking spaces all together."

    Strongly disagree. The official position of the Leucadia Blog is anti-parking meters in Encinitas.

  17. Parking has got so difficult near my work that I stopped driving, sort of. I drive about halfway, and park in a communal lot several miles out, and then ride my folding bike the rest of the way, nice because it fits in my trunk, and because I don't even need bike parking at work...the bike comes right up to my desk with me.

  18. Lori, I never said mass transit does not work in SF. It does! Bart is good, not perfect and is well thought out. We hope to have our son in SF state next year. Same goes for Seattle, another great city that is walkable, has efficient mass transit with options and is free to ride within downtown and it has local high paying jobs. We do not have the same type of residents or companies in Encinitas. This is a bedroom community with very few high paying jobs to pay for our very high $350,000-$1,000,000 mortgages. The wealthy here like their SUV's and do not ride the bus. Here in Encinitas, only those who can't afford cars and those who are inclined to use mass transit because it fits there needs and lifestyle use that mode of transportation. It should not be forced on all of us if it does not work for all of us. That's all I'm saying. I don't have an easy answer for all 7 billion people on this rock we call earth except that there are way too many of us to make it habitable for all.

  19. Chris,

    Why didn't you ride before? If you knew a parking spot was available would you drive all the way?

  20. LL,

    People in SF are so much happier because they get to walk more.

    The last time I was there auto traffic was heavy. It was completely crawling with backed up cars when the baseball game was getting started. They could be happier if they charged more for parking.

    The city would be greener if they ended baseball.

  21. Yeah, SF is a bitch to navigate a car in and around the city and try to park for free... Forget it! All those one way streets don't help either, it seems like you have to drive three blocks just to go to one block left or right. I'll be up there next month for a few days, good thing baseball is over now for the Giants. Hopefully, I will be able to get a parking space.

  22. I'm surprised to read that Leucadia Blog is against parking meters. Maybe the revenue can pay for the street maintenance for those parking spots, and any extra (not likely) can pay toward the pensions. Let me admit that I don't know what it costs to administer the meters in relation to the revenue.

    But, I like the idea of cars paying for the resources they are using instead of the taxpayers. Ideally, the revenue from parking meters is coming from visitors to the city that want to visit 101, etc. If you live here, walk or ride your bike to the local stores and avoid the parking fee.


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