Friday, October 14, 2011

Will we be driving in 20 years?

The general plan update assumes people will still be driving cars around town in 20 years.

On Wednesday night, Stocks told his fellow council members that all-electric vehicles are "definitely the future" of transportation. The region may soon have hundreds of charging stations, including outside popular restaurants and shops, he said. Read more:

I doubt in 10 years Jerome will still be driving on the same battery pack in his Leaf. Nissan refuses to stand behind their claims regarding battery charge loss capacity. Leaf owners might be surprised when they read the bold print in the battery section of their warranties. According to Nissan, the fast charging makes things worse.


  1. That depends on how old you are. My kids probably will, but I'm encouraging them to ride a bike or walk. My parents, I hope not.

    Options are a great thing. I encourage everyone to submit comments on the General Plan to promote strong and safe alternatives to cars for personal transportation.

  2. Read today that our easy oil deposits could run out "as soon as" (not a big fan of those statements) 2040, so I sure hope we have something else going by then...

  3. Natural gas is cheap and plentiful.

    Whether nat gas cars or cars using electricity from nat gas-fired plants will become more popular is an open question.

    But those pious folks driving around in electric cars should tone it down a little. That electricity they use comes from conventional power plants (some of them dirty coal, some of them habitat-destroying hydro, some of them Fukushima-risk nuclear). And the transmission of electricity over hundreds of miles of grid causes an environmentally wasteful loss.

    Not to mention all the nasty stuff put out into the environment from the production and disposal of those toxic batteries.

    If those pious electric car drivers really cared about the environment, they'd get on a bike instead.

  4. I don't see how driving electric cars solves the traffic problems. El Camino Real will be more congested that ever with the proposed high density.

    W.C. is correct in that we are only trading environmental problems with electric cars. That will continue until 100% of electricity comes from non-polluting sources. We are a long ways from that and really need a breakthrough in cheap energy production and storage.

    Until Jerome Stocks rides a bicycle to council meetings, I will ignore his pious preachings.

  5. Peder Norby has an electric Mini Cooper that is charged by solar.


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