Sunday, November 06, 2011

Another View

The reason Mark got the position, in spite of what you all might think, is because he really does know what is going on in this City. You can all call it cronyism, but he will be able to hit the ground running. Not even Tony or Lisa could have done that. Actually Mark had 2 fundraisers for Maggie, but somehow that fact has not been shared on this blog.

Dr. Lorri


  1. What does a council member do where they need to hit the ground running? Approve a pension or pay increase for staff and counci? Approve up zoning to try and pay for the existing pensions? Get the city in massive debt for a regional sports park? Boy I can't wait!!!!

    We all now the city is broke so there is only jawboning to be done.... Muir should be good at that....170k a year plus full healthcare per year. Sheet..... Between him and the last fat fire chief that retired a few years ago, over $300,000 per year is going out to these public ticks. We need a state assembly bill that taxes all pensions over $80k, 60% or more. I'm sick of the corruption. No wonder the city has no money for projects.

  2. Must disagree Doc we have Kristen on the council and she's clearly not up to speed. Your also not mentioning the fact that we have a huge pension problem and Muir is part of it. Also the city is in a lawsuit with the encinitas union school district and Mo Muir on the school board, conflict of interest,looks like it to me.
    It's all about winning and power.

  3. Don't know why you felt the need to post this as you have posted that you would have rather seen Schaeffer or Kranz get the position. Muir can run the track, sure, but we need someone who can see the need for a new direction and exhibit leadership to move change the track. The problem with appointing a crony is the job duties include kissing ass. Are you suggesting that Muir is going to follow Maggie's lead and champion the people's desires over Stocks and Bond's pro-development stance? Is he going to listen to the people in Cardiff and refuse to approve lights for the sports complex? Give me a break.

  4. The purpose of council members is to represent the public in setting policy, not be expert insiders.

    If that were the case, the rest of the council should resign and appoint Cotton, Sabine, Smith, and Murphy to replace them.

  5. Dr. Lorri,

    Was there misconduct in the ranks of the Encinitas Fire Department?

    Were citizens' lives put at risk?

    Did Muir try to keep the misconduct and his lack of response from becoming public?

    Are you happy with Muir's response to the misconduct?

    Does LAFD fire department get rid of fire fighters for lesser misconduct?

    Why will you attack others and refuse to answer these questions?

  6. Dr. Lorri makes this solar system fun!

  7. Another thing. One of Maggie's biggest faults is she was a big union supporter and ushered in the 2.7 at 55 that killed our City's future. While the smart Cities in Orange County remained at 2%, the unions where able to corrupt those with week principals and sell out the public for the band of City Employees. Cotton retiring at 190k a year forever plus military pension, Muir Retiring at 170k forever plus council pay, Donny retiring a few years earlier at 160k a year, and the list goes on. Expect at least 3 more 150k level retirees in the next 5 years. Patrick Murphy being one.

    Muir, Stocks, and Donny are all the glad receiptants of the Stocks and Houlihan Pension Gift.

    Maggie has moven on, but Stocks needs to be held accountable for his tremdous harm to Encinitas.

    Every City except Encinitas has discussed their pension problems.

    When is Encinitas going to address it? When we file for Bankruptcy???!!!

  8. We need to send our Council and all Commissioners to Pension Bootcamp.

    Our City needs to understand why its going bankrupt and has no money for needed projects.

  9. This is too funny. The media usually takes my words out of context, but I am sure Kevin is still trying to get even with me for something entirely different. If any of you had read my entire post, you would know the rest of the story that goes with this. As for "hitting the ground running" many of you must not know that there are many committees that each councilperson is involved with. Since Mark is on the Olevenhein Water Board, he will quit that, and take Maggie's spot on the San Dieguito Water Board. Water is kind of important so I want someone who knows what it's about. Maggie did and so does our newest Councilman. However, I will not feed Kevin any more stuff that he can take out of context. As I said, I wanted Tony and I think that would have been the fairest thing to do. Having said that I think Mark will do a fine job.
    As a note to Kevin: I still cannot believe you would hold a grudge for so long. It says a lot, at least to me, However, I don't have a blog to take your words out of context. Karma, my friend, Karma is all I have to say about this particular post. Have fun with that one posters. I know you will say It's Dr. Lorri's Karma. However, I know the truth and you think you do. Have a most wonderful day. I certainly will now. This post gave me quite a good laugh.

  10. Have Mark take you to lunch. He sure makes enough in retirement.

    He took the public to the cleaners, thanks to Jerome Stocks.

  11. Dr. Lorri

    The points you bring up are exactly the points why Mark Muir should not be appointed.

    1. " he really does know what is going on in this City"


    2. "Mark had 2 fundraisers for Maggie"

    This city is ripe with cronyism and corruption, and Mark Muir is very much a part of it.

    As Fire Chief, he has grossly neglected his obligation to maintain an apolitical position in regards to the city that employs him.

    He was not at liberty to, nor was it legal for him to host and/or participate in any political fundraisers for any council candidates.

    He has willfully and grossly violated city policy, the Brown Act and the Hatch Act.

    The fact that Mark Muir as our Fire Chief hosted fundraisers for Maggie and other council candidates, along with his numerous other politically inappropriate actions simply makes him a very inappropriate appointment to our council.

  12. So be it David. It is what it is, as they say. I wonder why Maggie came, since she must have known it was a violation of some rule? I am not sure why knowing what is going on in this City is a bad thing? Perhaps you know and can explain it? I would think it would be a good thing, but perhaps I haven't thought it entirely through.

  13. If this were an election by the citizens then fine.
    It was not an election. The voters have made it very clear that they wish to have their position represented. That is why Maggie got the most votes in all her elections. The council Majority knew this. This was a case of replacement of a fallen comrade replacement. To acknowledge the will of voters unambiguous wishes would be appropriate. To plant an individual who has run campaigns for bond and stocks is not. It is obvious from council meeting comments, letters to the editor, comments on letters and blogs(I have seen), there was only 2 positive comments on Muir. From stated friends and Andreen.
    What happened was a blainent politically motivated power play to maintain and strengthen the strangle hold on our city.

  14. Lorri Greene,

    An effort has been made to avoid you.

    You seemed to imply that the bloggers were cherry-picking facts. We posted up that fact, with some context. A gift to you. You commented negatively without explaining how that comment doesn't reflect your feelings. You also added false accusations that were actually the opposite of the truth.

    Please demonstrate how poorly you were treated by explaining how the LB twisted up the meaning of your comment.

  15. In the article referenced, Ralph Bettencourt is a friend of Muir and all the comments, to date, are just citizens.

  16. Am I the only one who sees Dr.Lorri as slightly paranoid?

    Is this really good for a mental health care professional?

    She waded into this and whines when she gets stuck in the mire.

    I truly do not know where she's coming from.

  17. My guess is its a hazard from the profession. It could also be genetics.

    Either way, I feel sorry for her. She seems to be reaching out for something?

  18. From Lorri,
    LB-I need not explain myself to you of all people. Therefore, I will not post any further on this particular topic, as no matter what I say I realize it will not be taken as it was meant. That is entirely MY fault.I should have let well enough alone. There is an interesting article in the NCTimes about all of this for those who are interested in what some other Encinitans think.

    Dr. Lorri, please review your notes before posting.

  19. For me, the experience thing is not really very important. Some of our best councilpersons had zero experience when they took office. In fact, they may have been better for it.

    What I've observed is that most councilpersons are not idea people, they tend to solely react to what has been placed before them on the agenda. I don't mean that they aren't informed or prepared, just that they aren't for the most part innovative or original thinkers.

    I'll give Muir one year to show what he can do. Maybe he'll come up with some creative ideas to make things better or solve some problem in an original way. But, my gut tells me he is there for ego alone, just another notch in his belt. Just one more thing to add to his long list of "accomplishments."

    I hope I'm wrong.

  20. The question comes down to what we want in a city council member.

    Would we prefer someone who knows the ins and outs of city hall or someone committed to honestly and transparently representing the people who live here? Is it better to have someone who knows how this city operates - or is better to have someone who knows how this city should function?

    For me, the most important qualifications for a city council member are integrity, transparency, accountability and decency. It should be someone with the ability to bring people together rather than exacerbate conflict; and who understands and promotes our common values, priorities, needs and preferences.

    I want a city council member who has no vested interest or political ties that would prevent him/her from serving as a voice of the people. I'm looking for a person who is pro-neighborhood; pro-environment; pro-family; pro-healthy living; pro-animal; and who's dedicated to preserving and protecting our unique lifestyle and precious piece of the Earth.

    We need change. We must have reform. We're in dire need of people who are as intelligent, individualistic, independent, inventive and decent asa the people who live here.

  21. The developers and Ecke are popping champagne bottles in celebration of their council appointment victory. The corrupt special interest majority no longer try to disguise their allegiances, as they feel so empowered by the blantant take-over. This is the era of outright political arrogance, where those in power dare the majority to do something, realizing that the public no longer is a participant in the decision making process.
    $tock$ must be sent packing in 2012; time will take care of Bond.
    Hopefully Gaspar just fades away when her mentor isn't there to put words in her mouth. And Muir's appointment should be brief - let him hear the choice of the people.

  22. LG,

    What part of your comment posted here needs to be explained further? How was it deceptive or in some way hurtful to you to emphasized that there are other views?

    You make an important point about Maggie working with Muir on fund-raising.

    I don't see how that makes the case for cronyism weaker.

    The LB has not been shy about pointing out the room for improvement for all the council members. If Muir has been willing to answer the ETA's questions about his city level political activity and thus how that might be related to his promotions, that info would have come out and we would have posted on Maggie's fundraiser with Muir.


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