Tuesday, November 01, 2011


  1. $14,000 per month for a fireman. Ouch.

  2. 14,000 a month for a retired fire fighter forever every month until his heart gives out. all on tax payers wallet.

    Lets welcome our new council person. Bought and paid for Special Interest forever.

    PS - I just saw a vision. Maggie is literally rolling over in Heaven!

    The Heavens are not happy with this and Karma will have its way. I almost feel bad for the current special interest council. We all have no idea whats coming for their families, but we know its not going to be good.

    Maybe next life, they'll get a feeling to live with some integrity.

    Until then......

  3. Now now,

    You are being entirely too harsh. Muir must be worthy of this honor if Dr. Lorri supports him. She walked with MLK.

  4. OK Starman.... thats a good one.

    I usually like Dr. Lorri's comments, but your comment was very funny.

    she has a thin skin and really needs to post Anon for her own mental health.

    Back to our local council. The voters of this town needs an enema. We know there is a lot of brown stinky stuff on Council that needs to be removed for health of our City

  5. I thought the council voted tonight? How do you know Muir won? As for a thin skin, of course I have it. I am old, everyone who is old has a thin skin. As far as my mental health, I'm fine. I just don't deal well with uninformed, trust fund babies who sit around and do nothing all day but smoke dope and surf. Not that there is anything wrong with either one of those things if one works. I am very proud to have marched with Martin and have no regrets in my life. I hope all of you can say the same, especially at my age. Because frankly my dear Starman and others, "I don't give a damn". I hope Tony Kranz wins it, but if you are all so sure it's Muir, then I guess my friend won. Ironically the first time I met Maggie was at one of Mark's parties. Go figure, the irony of that.

  6. BTW, you who post anonymously, your comments would mean more to folks if you actually had the courage to post your own names. Are you afraid? Come on my and I will help you with your self esteem. Of course, I charge big bucks so be prepared to pay what a psychologist in this town charges. If you don't know, Google it. Please bring cash, as I am supporting the Occupy people and no longer take credit cards. Now that should give you all some more fun, since I know how much you love to hate me:) It kind of makes my day. It was once said you can know if you are effective by the number of people who don't like you-especially if they have to post anonymously. In fact, I was the one who just said it. Love you anyway.

  7. Nice response Dr. Lorri. Have a great day. Unlike you, I envy the people who are trust funders and can sit around, smoke pot, and surf. It sounds like a nice life. Well back to work for us minion.

    Welcome Muir. Now go approve some more overbuilt fire stations and get the City in more massive debt instead of fixing a serious financial problem caused by your servant Stocks from his 2005 35% increase in pensions for everyone.

    Oh thats right. Your pension went up 35% that night along with a 14% rise in pay which also raised your pension another 14%. That was one big payoff night in 2005. Pension increased 49% for no reason other than to give tax dollars to City Workers. Oh I guess you likely won't be discussing the pension issue afterall. Will you?

  8. Wow. I see the comments got to you. Sorry.

    "It was once said you can know if you are effective by the number of people who don't like you-especially if they have to post anonymously. In fact, I was the one who just said it."

    Just think how effective Stocks is?!!!!

    I guess your right. Stocks is very effective for those he serves- Employee Unions, Developers, and Special Interest- in that order.

    Have a good day Dr. Lorri. You have balls for putting it all out there. I feel you are causing yourself some unnecessary stress.

  9. One thing better than being a trustfunder.

    Being a 50 year old retired City Employee. Us taxpayers created their eternal trust.

  10. Anon:8:08-I don't have balls to the best of my knowledge, but thanks for the laugh. If all it takes to have balls is putting your name on a post, then there a a lot of eunuchs in this City:)

  11. Dr. Lorri,

    Do you have the balls to explain why hiding the dangerous fire department mistakes from the public was not an attempted cover up?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Mark Muir parties sound fun. Were they fun parties Dr. Lorri? Was Gaspar, Bond and Stocks there too? Did Maggie have an alliance with Muir? Were the Eckes at the parties? Are they the trust fund babies?

  14. That is the funniest pic ever! Now I will never be able to look at Muir without thinking BLING BLING BLING! Should be an interesting night. I can just hear Stocks saying it "isn't about Maggie but about the City, that personal feelings have no place in politics, just trust me":)

  15. Randy: The parties I have been to a Mark Muir's have all been fundraisers and yes they have also been fun. No I never saw Ecke or Gaspar there. Never saw most all of the folks you all seem to despise. I have seen all of the Council, except Teresa, and before Gaspar, if that helps you.
    Starman-Since I don't have balls I can't answer that question. So sorry. You are asking the wrong person. Some people know the answer, they are just nor posting it.
    Anon: Don't worry about my mental health as it is fine. I actually enjoy stirring up this blog once in a while. It is only when it gets personal do I attack. And, the people who have been personal know who they are. So, if you have not received an email from me, no worries. Hope to see you all tonight. I am curious as to how this blog seems to know who won, when I was certain that the Council said last week that they were voting on it tonight. Perhaps I misunderstood? So, who is the person who decided to share this knowledge, if it is true? That person should have the balls to come forward, IMHO. And, yet I bet they won't. There are only a few people it could be so I can take a guess.

  16. I just don't deal well with uninformed, trust fund babies who sit around and do nothing all day but smoke dope and surf.

    Is this an accurate description of starman? Seems to me like he has tried his best to get informed but was consistently met with incoherent jibberish.

    I don't know you Dr. Lorri -- you might be great. Maybe it's just the nature of blog comment discussions that has created the confusion, but my impression is that you are playing dumb.

  17. Rob: I did not mean to infer that Starman was a trust fund baby, so if that was what you took from my comment then I apologize to Starman. I have no idea who he or she is, so I certainly do not know if he or she qualifies. I was speaking in generalities with that particular comment. Sorry again Starman. As for playing dumb, I guess you can choose to believe that if you wish. Or you can believe the truth, which is I don't know the answers Starman is requesting. I think that there are people who do know, but they are not stepping up to the plate. To be honest, I wasn't curious enough to dig that deeply into the allegations . One of my interests centers on how much we pay Glen Sabine. I have posted on this subject several times. No one else on the blog seems to be that interested in his salary, which is a pity, IMHO. He is an embarrassment to our City and he has made us pay a lot of money for things he should have known. An example is Teresa's concern on harassment by another Council member. We, as taxpayers, had to pay someone else to render the legal opinion because Glen did not know. Even the attorney we paid said it would have taken him about 15 words to sum it up. Why do we not fire him or at least let it go out to bid? There are attorneys out there who would love to be our contracted City Attorney, but for some reason Glen keeps getting reappointed. And, according to Jim Bond, it would be too expensive to hire our own in-house attorney. Hard to believe when one year we paid Glen about $900,000 dollars.

  18. Dr. Lorri,

    What is your view on Mark Muir's candidacy for the council appointment?

  19. Randy: I believe that anyone who wanted to be on the Council should have applied. Mark did not tell me beforehand he was going to apply, so I was surprised. The person I would like to see appointed is Tony Kranz, as he was the third in line for the office as far as votes. From the LB post, it seems as if someone already knows he is going to get appointed, or at least that is how I am reading it. I was under the impression that the Council was going to vote on it tonight so I must admit I am a little confused as to what the point of this post is. Does the LB already know he got appointed, or are they just guessing he is going to be appointed? If they know, I would be interested in who told them, as that would be a violation of ethics, as far as I am concerned. If they are guessing, then it seems a bit odd to only use Mark as their "man with the tierra and money" so to speak. Hopefully, that answers your question. Since I didn't apply, it also seems a bit odd that my position is of interest to anyone. I am just one citizen, as are you. What is your view on his running?

  20. Dr. Lorri, I also seem to recall that the guys who run this blog called you out on this issue, too. It is unclear to me what exactly went down, so I can't/don't judge you. It would be nice if someone could at least say what the whole debate was. This format can be very hard to follow.

    I agree with you on the Sabine issue.

    I would like to document all of the grievances we have with the council -- really boil it down to be easily digestible & understood. I'm willing to help get the word out to the public (flyers, signs, standing at intersections, ...). The biggest problem we have here in Encinitas is ignorance & apathy on the part of our citizens (me included).

    If people were educated about the issues & the players involved we might have a better chance at proper governing. (or maybe I'm just naive...)

  21. The appointment is tonight by vote of the council. I don't know where the confusion is. It's in the agenda.

    The word coming out of city hall and going round town is that Mark Muir will be appointed. It won't be long before we know.

  22. When I saw stocks, bond, gaspar and muir having lunch at mcdonalds last Friday, I knew it was muir.

  23. Its muir and special interest win. The fix is in. See.

    If you want change like open government that serves the public, you better get out and speak against the Stocks/Muir special interest lock.

    Gaspar and Bond are ponies to these Muir/Stocks.

    Even bigger contribute big to candidates against these tools. Now its time to act, because are tax dollars are being ripped off by our staff and a paid for council.

    Pathetic and Embarrassing!!!!

  24. No surprises with Muir's appointment with a 3 to 1 vote. The rationale for this decision by Stocks, Bond, and Gaspar was pathetic. It' cronyism, pure and simple.

  25. Well, if you're gonna pay a fireman $14k/month then heck why not pay a lawyer $900k/year.

  26. We are paying a retired fireman 14k a month forever + council pay and retirement now.

    Of course we knew we'd be getting screwed by this special interest council.

    Its time to active in clearing this crap. If you know about this and don't do anything, your part of the problem. Big time.

  27. I like how Gaspar broke the silence on council before any votes were given by saying "I guess we all agree"


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