Friday, November 11, 2011

Credit to New Sheriff Captain

There have been some comments posted about the Sheriff presence. From what I saw they did a great job, especially considering how many deputies there were.

  • I saw deputies thoughtfully and respectfully work with citizens to remove their sticks from their signs as they entered city hall.
  • I saw Captian Sherri Sarro interacting with people in the crowd in a very relaxed and respectful manner when she was walking around solo.
  • I saw groups of deputies standing way off away from the crowd, and out of sight of the event. Pictured above is where many of them congregated, down in the LOWER parking lot. You don't stick your deputies out of sight if you want to intimidate the crowd.
  • I saw the deputies refrain from nit-picking on how the organizers set up posters and lights.
  • I didn't see the deputies during the presentations except when the organizers needed a hand getting a walkway cleared (there were a lot of people). The sheriffs helped make a path respectfully and then went back out of sight (from where I was standing anyways).

I wasn't there, but a lot of protesters report being kept out of council chambers by order of the fire marshal when there were reportedly still seats available, so maybe we'll have nice things to say about the fire marshal too, but not until after someone asks him what was up.


  1. I agree, from what I saw they were very non-confrontational, but why 20 officers? 4 or 5 would have been more than enough, IMHO

  2. I too was at the council meeting and was surprized and bewlidered at the number of sheriffs present. I too liked the way that the Sherff Captain interacted with the people present for the press release.

    At every council meeting I have ever attended, whether there were ten or two hundred people in attendance, there are two deputy sheriffs quietly stationed at the back of the room behind the council chambers.
    What does concern me, as a taxpayer, is what was the reason to have over fifteen deputy sheriffs assinged to a regularly scheduled city council meeting. Or if that is the regular number of the evening shift, who was watching or responding throughout the rest of the city.

  3. The sheriffs themselves were very professional and nice, but why were there so many of them? Just the numbers were intimidating. That show of force was unnecessary, especially given the polite and respectful way the rally against Dalager had been conducted just one year before. I heard that the two sheriffs in city council meetings started because jerome stocks was afraid of one of the regular citizens who spoke at every meeting. One of those sheriffs is the guy who pepper sprayed the women at the fundraiser. I don't think all those sheriffs were necessary for the meeting and I would like to know the rationale for that and how much it cost the City in overtime.

  4. It is a show of intimidation - the status quo will be protected. If you dissent, the potential for the use of force is ever present. Another misuse of power.

  5. Thank God there were so many Sheriff's with that unruly crowd. I think they had to call for back-up last time the usual suspects showed up at City Hall. I feared for my life so I left early, what with all the trouble makers here in Encinitas.
    Last week on 101 I saw two Sheriffs arresting a man who tipped over an outhouse. Fortunately, 10 min. later, the fire dept and paramedics showed up too. The portapotty was empty and no one was inside. The noise it made however was unbearable. I'm a bit put off that the Hazardous Waste crew wasn't called to the scene as well, with the potential of life threatening septic waste spillage everywhere. THEY should have been first public servants the scene. We obviously need more protection in this town from felon protesters and toxic tipsters. If only his friends had paid more attention to the his signs, this crapper mishap would never have happened. A big wake up call to Encinitans. Report all suspicious behaviour to the appropriate parties before something like this happens again.

  6. For sure. Next time a public speaker dares say some kind of comment at a City Council meeting, I think a full body cavity search is in order. they could have a bomb (or mexican food) up their corn hole.

    We don't need to put up with this risk, frisk every person attending a City Council meeting. Its the only way forward. And thats the way the Associated Press will report it.

  7. 2o cops on overtime duty for a city council meeting when all of encinitas has 7 officers total on duty at any time. How much did that cost the tax payers for that one special meeting?

  8. The city doesn't get charged for deputy's overtime. We contract for one price for all events. That is the benefit of contracting. If we needed 100 deputies we, the city, won't pay for them directly. The costs are amortized over five years throughout all the contract cities.

    The captain has to balance her budget over the course of the year. The sheriff has far more resources that a city police department could ever have. Where the deputies at the meeting reserve deputies that work for free? It sounds like many of you want to bitch for bitching's sake.

    Get the facts before you complain.

  9. reply to No Tax Lady
    I think you missed what some commenters asked.
    Several asked how much did this cost the city. To ask a question is an attempt to get information.

    It appears that you know the answer.

    I was told by a deputy that they were not getting overtime just regular time.

    Nevertheless there was a cost involved whether we pay upfront or at the backend - the backend being increased contract costs when a new contract is negotiated.
    Thank-you for the contract information.

  10. "How much did that cost the tax payers for that one special meeting?"

    The question is valid, regardless who's paying the overtime. Overtime payments don't magically appear from nowhere.


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