Friday, November 18, 2011

Maybe a bit more investigative journalism?

Papa Manchester has bought the UT. Papa has a big history of giving back to his community, so maybe we will see more stories about the community and more investigative journalism from the UT.


  1. When you make billion$ off public subsidies, publicly giving to charity is a business expense. Is he a hero? He sure hasn't given up much of the good life to help out the needy SDSU golfers.

  2. Isn't that kind of like rearranging chairs on the Titanic?

  3. Let's give him a chance, obviously the old ragged recycled pulp the paper was putting out before didn't work.


  5. 9:59

    Read the comments to the article Randy posted. Pretty scathing. Hope they don't get rid of the usual journalists, but we'll see. Sure, everyone deserves a chance. But plans of putting a billion dollar housing development project on the Navy property? Yikes. Don't let Camp Pendleton hear about that or we're sunk. Hmmmm. Would it be renamed San Angeles or Los Diego in 50 years?


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