Monday, November 14, 2011

More on the Coronation

From the inbox:

It's Not About Muir - It's About Us

Maggie was far more than a member of the City Council. She was the most beloved person in this town. She understood Encinitas is much more than a city; it's a community.

Cities are about general plans; building codes; infrastructure; pseudo-roundabouts; land development; commerce; projects; programs and policies. Communities are about common values and social norms. Maggie knew the difference.

I loved Maggie. Still do. Always will.  More important than her position on issues  was the person she was: caring; passionate; honest; decent; and devoted to the people and animals who live here. Maggie exemplified integrity. She was pro-neighborhood; pro-environment; pro-family;  and pro-human dignity. She was one of us - independent; individualistic; intelligent; inventive; and, when her principles were at stake, immovable. How like Maggie to care about us until the very end - leaving us the gift of a beautiful, thoughtful video message shared with us after her death. Although she looked thin and frail, the full force of her larger than life presence was still there.

Far worse than the puerile political machinations in which Council members Bond, Stocks and Gasper engaged was the indecency and insensitivity with which they treated Maggie and the thousands  who voted for her.  They could have given her the honor she deserved by appointing the extraordinarily capable person she'd designated as her choice to succeed her. Or, they could have appointed any one of the several highly qualified civic leaders who stated they'd not run for election in 2012. It would have been an act of kindness and generosity with no cost to themselves - they'd remain the majority on the City Council.

Instead of honoring Maggie's wishes, Bond, Stocks, and Gaspar used their majority to appoint the only controversial, divisive, and politically-compromised candidate - an act sure to exacerbate community conflict. They knowingly, and negligently disenfranchised the thousands of people who shared Maggie's vision for Encinitas.

The greatest measure of a community is how we treat each other. Most of us would prefer that to be with respect, courtesy, caring and decency. We must make it absolutely clear that the Council majority's actions do not represent our values or interests.

For some of us, it feels like Encinitas lost its heart. But, it hasn't. Maggie left hers to us to preserve and protect.  With all the energy, passion, perseverance and determination in her, Maggie forged a pathway for us to follow; and bequeathed to us a priceless legacy.

It is time for us to act.

Are there 500 people in Encinitas willing to write a check for $250 to further Maggie's legacy? Are you?

Bob Aronin
Reform Encinitas


  1. Thank-you Bob for such a well written reminder that we can make a difference. That we need to start now to elect people who care about ethics, intergrity, honesty and open transparent government. People who are genuinely respectful, kind and caring. People who care about Encinitas, not just what Encinitas can to for them. I am glad that we do have such people who have said that they are going to run in 2012.

  2. P. S. I urge you to meet and talk to Lisa Shaffer and Tony Kranz.

  3. The next appalling event will be the passing up of Barth, for the third time, as mayor.
    There was not doubt the first two times that it was proper for her to be appointed in the customary rotation.
    It is even more appropriate for Barth to move into the mayoral post in 2012.
    It won't happen.
    Who will the council supper majority favor?

  4. To some degree it matters who's in office, but it matters more how much pressure they're under from the public. - Noam Chomsky

  5. Mark your calendars - Dec. 13th special meeting and write posts, letters to the editor, comments and commentary. Barth must move to Deputy Mayor at stark minimum. There's work that can be done from that position.

  6. Forget it. That council is so divisive.

  7. Great commentary. Contribute what you can, if you have cash great, in any amount but not over $250, and if you are tight right now keep your eyes and ears tuned to the city agenda for each council meeting. Now that there is a super majority I expect to see some controversial issues piece-mealed through. It was great to see new faces at the rally and the Council pays attention when new people speak up. Attend council meetings and speak, you don't have to use all three minutes, just state your opinion.

  8. $250 is nice but it's not going to win.

    The majority uses PACs and shady deep-pockets organizations to do third-party mailers.

    We're going to need our more affluent friends to form PACs and donate thousands to fight back.

  9. How about a rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock elimination?

    Last two standing would be Mayor and Vice mayor.

    That concept would probably escape four out of the five.

    At least the process would be pure chance as opposed to cronyism.


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