Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A New Day for Encinitas

3:1 vote for Mark Muir. He knows how the city works and knows about all the skeletons. There were some big smiles on the council's faces.


  1. I loved how Gaspar gushed over all the candidates. Everyone knew it was Muir before Maggie died. The fix had been in for a long time. Only the people who wasted their time applying didn't know. Gaspar should have shown some respect and just appointed Muir like Kranz suggested. Kristin is a good liar.

  2. Another fat white man with his mouth on the government tit. He isn't bright, so I can see him going the way of Dalager. Can't wait for the 2012 election, I am sure he is going to provide tons of hot ammo.

  3. We are paying a retired fireman 14k a month forever + council pay and retirement now.

    Kristen isn't a good liar, she's just a liar. Stocks is just Stocks, bad. Bond is just Bond, brain death.

    Of course we knew we'd be getting screwed by this special interest council.

    Its time to active in clearing this crap. If you know about this and don't do anything, your part of the problem. Big time.

  4. I believe they have pushed their arrogance too far, and the sleeping giant will awake. Make sure your neighbors do not remain ignorant and educate them of the situation.

  5. And his wife is suing the city about Pacific View. Is there a conflict here?

  6. 10:09, Nope, it's no skin off his butt. That is a pretty funny analogy though! "Honey, mind if my group sues your group?"

    8:56, And I'm glad to finally agree with David on something.

    But how plain could anyone anywhere have been in splainin it to the coucil?
    #1. Maggie was elected the first time because people liked what she said.
    #2. Maggie was elected the second time (with the most votes) because they liked what she said and did.
    #3. Maggie was elected the third time (again with the most votes) because they again liked what she said and did.
    Clearly Mr. Muir's politics is nothing like Maggie's, but the majority of coucil members left would rather vote in a friend than vote someone in with Maggie's disposition. And how dare Bond call Maggie a "friend" tonight and not honor her dying wish to replace her with Lisa Shaffer.
    And after Gaspar spoke, all I could think is "really?".
    You can ignore the many reasons why Maggie got the most votes, and choose to replace her with someone who has 2 votes from the council? Amazing. Kudos to the person who recorded and played Maggie's last will for an Encinitas councilperson. But between ignoring that, and Kranz being the 1st runner up for a seat according to how Encinitans feel, I gotta shake my head and think - really?
    Clearly, Stocks and Bond chose Muir because he's a friend and so like-minded. But I really don't get Gaspars angle. And if it's not an angle, what part went over her head tonight about WHY most voters prefer what Maggie wanted for Encintas?

  7. Wintson,


    Gaspar has proven time and time again, she is simply the trophy council member for the wall of sausage.

    She never thinks for herself. The decision to run, was her husbands, Muirs and Stocks. Everyone one of her votes is orchestrated by the group. They just like having a trophy to talk and look at.

    Its that simple. She is just as rotten as Stocks. In fact, maybe worse because she doesn't use the brain that God gave her to make good decisions. She is the quintessential OMG Real Councilwoman of Encinitas. She just loves to shake that thing and the Plastic.

    And that's the Council members Encinitas Voted for.... pathetic

  8. Anon,

    As for that brain that God gave her, she was dealt a weak hand.

    She's a Communications major from Arizona State (bimbo major, bimbo school).

    She fits right in with the other halfwits on the council.

  9. Very very disappointed; hoping the opposition will really finally, for the next election.
    Educate yourself and your neighbors; we've all got work to do

  10. Very very disappointed; hoping the opposition will rally finally, for the next election.
    Educate yourself and your neighbors; we've all got work to do

  11. There was a closed session before last night's special meeting. The agenda was to discuss defending the lawsuit against the city by the Encinitas Union School District.

    City Attorney Glenn Sabine reported out at the beginning of the special meeting:

    Stocks and Barth: Yes to defend
    Bond: No to defend
    Gaspar: Absent

    No mention of conflict of interest or lack of knowledge of the issue. So it looks like Gaspar ducked the meeting.

  12. Dear Randy:
    At least some of the applicants suspected the outcome was predetermined, but chose to apply anyway. At least we were on the record, trying to do what would be best for the people of Encinitas. To do otherwise is to give up without even trying. I can only hope that this whole sad episode will motivate voters to support new faces on the Council in 2012. It is the 2012 Council what will be approving a General Plan Update and finalizing the Hall property park.


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