Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Leucadia


  1. Ha! You should see the 10 new big bombers crammed onto an acre overlooking a junkyard behind Mozy Cafe!

  2. Waite and see the poop thats being plopped down on hermes. They stink already.

  3. Where was this photo taken?

    Also, what's going up on Hermes between Glaucus & Leucadia Blvd? Looks like a bunch of small cottages?

  4. And the crowded 2 storied mega-mansions squeezed onto the lot near the Fire Station on 2nd St....

  5. Leucadia is eclectic and this new house is a sign that people are happy to spend big bucks to live here.

    I do question why the public can't park on street anymore.

  6. Cul de sac on Sanford, south of Andrew. Just down the street from the Tyvek Estates.

  7. "Leucadia is eclectic and this new house is a sign that people are happy to spend big bucks to live here."

    Or is it rather a sign that developers can't wait to spend other people's big bucks here and build huge projects that few want to buy? Banks end up repossessing them. Maybe that will change, but it's the norm right now.
    And if some do buy and occupy them, great. But where are they supposed to park? The garage? Yeah right. Not when they can use it for storage or rent out as a granny flat. And what laws are in place to make sure garages are used for cars only? None. Unless you're in a tight HOA with zero tolerance for parked cars anywhere.

  8. Again. I have to agree with Winston. This is weird. Usually they are way off base. Meybe Winston went in the Ocean or something?

  9. Don't get in the ocean enough, that's for sure. I'll wait till its warmer and there aren't so many people in the water. Oh I'm sorry, I must have been thinking about 1975.

  10. Oh stop with the hate. I've talked to these people and they are NICE folks! Same with the custom at the end of Sheridan (same street) and even the evil Nantucket development has NICE people living there!

    They like the neighborhood, they like the location and being close to the beach and if that's what they want in a house...fine! It's not YOUR decision.

    I like the eclectic blend of old, new and remolded.

    Accept it. There are only so many greenhouses left to go and the vast majority of Leucadia is already built out and established...with basically no vacant land left...except for a handful of properties.

    And that big house has a side unit where the son lives. That house provided JOBS to build, taxes to the schools, taxes to the city...so quit bit***** already.

    Jeez. Leucadia is eclectic and the people that own these homes are not evil....they like Leucadia for the same reasons everyone else does. I asked them (on Nantucket) why they moved there and they cited the usual reasons...the reasons why we like it.

    People should be able to live in the home of their dreams and in Leucdia, I like the different types of homes. Much better than San Elijo Hills!

  11. Unknown. Your an idiot. If not for zoning laws and active citizens who want to preserve nice areas like leucadia, we would all look like Oceanside. Get off the hate. Do you want to look like Oceanside?

  12. I don't want Leucadia to look like Oceanside, but it never will. It's a 7,000+ sqft home and if that's what he wants...then he should be able to build it.

    Of course, if it were an apartment building...no. But it's a single family residence...personally I think it look pretty cool and the people are nice.

    I like people coming into Leucadia and building nicer homes than are already here because that's what makes them happy.


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