Friday, November 04, 2011

No denials from the Encinitas Mayor, Deputy Mayor, or Mark Muir

Links: Muir's "Golden State Firefighters" called out by the IAFF. Crony gets council seat and ~$3.5 million dollar valued retirement package for being pushed up the ranks because of his political favors.


  1. Cronyism at it's best. Was there anyone other than the candidates that thought anyone but Muir was going to be appointed [especially since Alice didn't bother to come for the show and tell] ? I also liked listening to Gaspar give us a lesson in civics. This from a candidate that spent more money on her campaign than anyone else ever and getting the majority of her funds from outside Encinitas, PACs, and health professionals. Not to mention her campaign was run by a political consultant whose employees signed her paperwork. Her campaign headquarters was in the same building as the consultant. Oh, and don't forget the deceptive mailers put out by another previously discredited "consultant featuring Dan Dalager.
    Can you say hypocrite ?
    I suppose buying an election in Encinitas is easy to do because other than the few trying to educate the many, Encinitas would rather vote for a pretty face or a snappy name [Bond... James Bond]. Will the only thing that wakes up New Encinitas be gridlock on El Camino Real ? By then it will be too late.

  2. Clearly Muir has been violating city policy for some time. Why can't he be held accountable? The way I see it, he was ineligible to even apply while a city employee. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    City of Encinitas Administrative Manual Code of Ethics Number P025 Section E and F as follows:

    City employees should refrain from participating in the election of City Council members, and from all partisan political activities that would impair employee performance.

    It is unacceptable for City employees to seek favors. Efforts to achieve personal gain, obtain profits secured by confidential information, or misuse public time are regarded as highly dishonorable for all employees.

    Additionally Chief Muir is violating City of Encinitas Administrative Manual Disciplinary Procedure P023 provisions set forth in Section II. B (12).

    Section II. B Subsection B (12) requires employees to "Fully comply with
    the rules, regulations, and policies of the employee's department."

    It clearly states in the Administrative Manual under Code of Ethics P025 that the Philosophy under which the administrative was created that:

    It is the intention of the City of Encinitas to develop and ensure the highest standards of professional conduct in its employees. To this end, the following guidelines are established to help employees measure the integrity of their actions.

  3. Not only was that act the ultimate cronyism but it was despicable, taking advantage of Maggie's death to promote their agenda! The arrogance of those three is beyond belief. A more ethically challenged group would be hard to find. Thank goodness for Teresa, she is the one shining light admist the dark.

  4. Like I said. Someone with some cajones needs to sue the City council for all the violations.

  5. Was that a bilingual joke? I laughed anyway.

    cajones = big box

    cojones = big balls

  6. Big box. Big balls. Now adays its all the same.

    The point is bring on the suite.

    Next election Cardiffian, spend some money on a candidate that can beat the crooks. Your money would do better than your chatter.

    I am glad I made you laugh.

    I laugh all the time at our shitty council.

  7. The audacity of the kabal that has a stranglehold on the council is simply incredible. These interviews were an exercise in abject futility, as the door was open to plant the corrupt crony. $tock$ and Bond are smug in the knowledge that they have the upper hand and can rely on their special interest backers to funnel cash into their campaigns in the future. Muir will have the advantage in the 2012 election of being on the council and will play the "fireman hero" imagery to the hilt; when, in fact, he represents interests contrary to the greater good and is a parasite on the civic coffers. These people represent the worst possible combination to safeguard the interests of the community; 2012 will indeed prove whether apathy and slick campaign tripe will allow this travesty to continue.
    Barth is now the lone bastion representing the true interests of Encinitas.

  8. So who is going to put their money where their mouth is and get some good candidates on the ballot for 2012. Many of you talk about how others should do it, instead of standing up, posting our own name, and going out and getting more progressive people on the Council. I don't even like Stocks, Bond's and Gaspar's decision and I am a friend of Muir. I will still support Tony in the next election. I am personally not interested in suing the City and wasting my money that could go to a candidate in 2012. This happened because too many people talk a lot and don't do anything. Let's see who really cares about Encinitas by what happens in 2012. Nothing can be done now, unless someone wants to spend a great deal of money on a lawsuit, and I know I don't want to participate in that. It makes more sense to me to use that money in 2012. As far as Lisa Shaeffer, I am saddened by her poor sportsmanship on her Lisa Shaeffer for Encinitas blog. I think Tony is more of a class act.There were a lot of great people that applied. I am sure one or two of them could be tapped to run as well in 2012.

  9. Dr. Lorri,

    Where is the Lisa Shaffer for Encinitas blog? It doesn't come up on google search.


  11. Lorri,

    Poor Sportmanship? What?

    What are you reading as poor sportsmanship?

    Lorri, You sound either rippin stoned or clueless.

    I hope its the prior.

  12. Never mind if you do not see it regarding Lisa. I don't need to point it out. And if I am getting preachy it is because I get so tired of people posting as anonymous and trashing lots of people. At least, if nothing else, I put my name on my posts and I will never post as anonymous. To me, that is cowardly. If you have something worthwhile to say, back it up with your name. And please don't tell me how the repurcussions will hurt you. I just endorsed Tony and Mark is a friends of mine. I know he reads this blog. So call it preachy if you want. I call it telling it like it is. No back to my regularly scheduled life, which BTW is great.

  13. Preacher lorri. It's a blog and we are following the rules. One thing for sure, the info you put out rarely has facts backing it. Your all over the place. It's also good to know you befriend people With no integrity and are harming Encinitas. Enjoy your great life preachy drama lorri.

  14. Why won't you answer the question and back up your attack on Lisa? Why is trying to hide misconduct from the public not an attempt to cover up?

  15. Was Muir's appointment cronyism? What do you say Lorri? Can you be trusted Lorri?

  16. Starman-No One can be trusted. Surely you have learned that by now. As for Lisa, I cannot tell the whole story because it was told to me in confidence. So, I will retract any and all remarks made about her and not say another word for or against her campaign as it approached 2012. You can call me out on that if I forget my own words. I would expect no less.
    Perhaps I will change professions and become a preacher, since I seem to be doing that. I could even send away for one of those preacher licenses that you get on the Internet. Then if any of you want to get married, just call on me. I could be a full serve Dr. Do pre-marital counseling, marry people, and then help them through the divorce. Thanks for the idea..
    And no, Anon. you are not following the rules of this blog. JP and Kevin asked people not to use anonymous and yet you do. How is that following the rules? BTW, I rarely follow the rules, so I personally don't have a problem with it.
    So if I get someone's suggestion correct, I should really endorse Mark, since he is my friend. OK then, I will. In fact, I will go so far as to say, knowing Mark, he will be a really good councilperson, as is his wife Mo, on the EUSD. Now you all can really have some fun with that.
    As for being all over the board, yes that's also true. It is done purposefully just to get reactions out of all of you. If you really think I am going to tell all that I know on this blog, you obviously do not know me, and have been smoking the herb way too much. (Best to always smoke just enough to get a feeling of peace. I learned that from the movie Leaves of Grass, which I highly recommend.) It would be "crazy" to post the real truth on this blog. and I still have a license to practice psychology in this State, which they take away from truly crazy people, I guess my sanity is still somewhat intact. Go figure. In case you are all truly interested in why I am all over the board, read Eric Ericcson's book "Trancework." It will explain all, grasshoppers. I do really love you all and love this blog.
    I think I have responded to all concerns and questions asked except the ones I choose not to answer. Those, answers, however, are available to everyone, as was so nicely pointed out by Bruce Ehlers on the night of the vote. And he went all the way back to 2000. So go to City Hall, put in a records request, and ask for what you want. In fact, I even did it for the Los Angeles Fire Department's history of who did what, and what the consequences for their poor judgement. They gave it to me as well. It was quite a long list, but then again LAFD is a large fire dept. Some of the transgressions made our guys look pretty decent I might add.

  17. The Encinitas FD misconduct put people's lives at risk. Was the LAFD misconduct worse than that? Did LAFD staff get fired? What did Muir do and why wasn't Muir's lax management addressed?

    You wrote that Dr. S was a poorsport on her website. Where on her website can I find that poorsport comment?

    Dr. Lorri, it seems like you like to attack but run away when it gets scary. You and Mark make good friends.

  18. Starman-If I run away when it gets scary-whatever that means, why in the world would I post my real name on this blog? That doesn't seem like running away. If you are speaking of me not telling everything I know on this blog, I don't personally see that as running away. I see that as very good choice. Too many people post things that they know nothing about. Since I have done my homework, it is not my job to educate people on this blog. And to answer your question about the LAFD, no I didn't see anyone get fired, and yes, there were things much more serious than what was posted about our fire dept. Want to know more, do a public records request, spend the money and find out for yourself. All things will be revealed in good time grasshopper.

  19. "OK then, I will. In fact, I will go so far as to say, knowing Mark, he will be a really good councilperson, as is his wife Mo, on the EUSD. Now you all can really have some fun with that. "

    Not fun, but Sad.

    At least we know where you stand. I have lost all respect for you now. You are part of the problem and will sink Encinitas with Jerome, Muir and Gaspar.

  20. I doubt I will personally sink Encinitas all on my own, but if you say so. I have done my best over the years to do my part for our City, such as volunteering, etc. but, you know what, since I have no idea who you are, I guess I will just have to deal with you losing respect for me. Since I don't have much respect for Anonymous posters, let's just say we are 1 for 1? However, keep on posting as it is amusing on some level to think I have that much influence at City Hall. As I said before, I really wanted Tony, but I was called a bad friend for saying that, so I guess I am between a rock and a hard spot, as the saying goes. Mark is my friend, and I like Tony as well. I won't say he is my friend because I don't want to jinx his potential 2012 election by being for him. I can tell him FB that I think he is great. Have a most wonderful day.

  21. You too and stay dry and warm.

  22. Dr.Lorri - how does one mount a successful campaign against the special interest money? The general electorate don't have a clue about what's happening in City Hall, nor do they really care. The 30% that vote do it out of a sense of obligation or privledge, but rely on superficial information to make their choices. Grass roots campaigns are great, but money is a powerful tool to determine the eventual outcome - the special interests have the dough. You've been around the block - how does one surmount the money superiority of the special interests?

  23. Observer: The answer is not that difficult if you have some committed citizens involved in your campaign. You make cheap flyers on your computer; you make signs from your computer, or better yet, hand made (notice the signs from the Occupy movement) and then the hard part is knocking door to door in every area of our community spelling out why your candidate is the best for the job. In sales, we had a one sheet "detail" piece describing the features and benefits of the product. If I were a campaign manager I would do the same for the candidate. I would make my message fit what is most important to all of Encinitas, not just a few. And, I would keep the message simple because, as you pointed out, most people do not know what is going on in our community. It could probably be done for less than $5000, but I don't really know for sure about that. Slate mailers only get a name out. There are other ways to get a name out there. Press conferences over an issue; getting to know the local reporters and having a story to tell; making a positive campaign and when they sling mud you just smile and move on to the positive things you have to offer. Think about it. Has Teresa ever thrown mud? I don't know how much her campaign cost, or who ran it, but she got elected. The reason Mark got the position, in spite of what you all might think, is because he really does know what is going on in this City. You can all call it cronyism, but he will be able to hit the ground running. Not even Tony or Lisa could have done that. Actually Mark had 2 fundraisers for Maggie, but somehow that fact has not been shared on this blog. Get to know the people at City Hall. Volunteer your time. Mark Muir would have won a seat on the Council in the 2012 election on his own merit if he had waited, at least that is my opinion. I could not tell you why he decided to do it this at this time. He didn't ask or tell me in advance, contrary to what many of you believe. In fact, I would offer that in these tough economic times, if someone does run a more "old fashioned inexpensive campaign" he or she might have a better chance of being elected than anyone using a glossy 4 color slate mailer. Hopefully, that gives you some ideas in case you want to run in 2012. I sure hope we get some great candidates, as our City is filled with people who would do an incredible job. And, if I were running, I would make use of my last name-VOTE GREENE. However, at this time, I have no interest in running. I am just using an example. Be creative.


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