Thursday, November 03, 2011

Real Firefighters Call Muir's Stuff Lame

What happened last night doesn't smell right to me. 

I agree with Baloo. The council should have tried to appoint someone neutral, which is way more moderate than saying we should try to honor Jerome's original view on the voter's wishes. What the council did was 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

By all accounts Muir has been highly active running council campaigns and facade organizations which funnel campaign funds. He is also personally close to council member, before he was a department head. Long ago, along with others, I asked Muir to address his role in past campaigns. Why? Because the job competitively. It looked like Muir got his very high paying job because he did the dirty work for the council majority. He did what someone who has something to hide did and just left us hanging. In the last few days a lot of information about Muir's activity have surfaced and perhaps explain why Muir would want to avoid the subject.

To Kristin, I am not saying he should not have the right to do all that he has done. There should be no appearance that taxpayers are on the hook for Muir being financially and professionally rewarded for political favors. Many people think this true. Maybe they are off-base and I'm sorry that you didn't take the time to help avoid even the appearance of impropriety. 

Yes Jerome, if your seat had been lost and Maggie and Teresa were trying to replace you with Bruce Ehlers I would have spoke up against that.

To the readers, we are getting all sorts of stuff in the mailbox. None that supports what the council majority did last night. If you have a different view and support what the council did, please send us a submission so we can share another view.

Gaspar was appalled that Ehlers was bringing up Muir's history prior to the vote. This is one of the articles Ehlers pointed out last night. 

IAFF Declares Golden State Firefighters As Rival Organization

The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) took a stand against a San Diego based political operation that has been marketing a “firefight- er” endorsement to promote a paid slate-mail operation [that supported Stocks and Bonds]. By a unanimous vote, the IAFF Executive Board declared Golden State Firefighters [Muir's personal operation] to be a rival organization to the IAFF. The rival organization declaration means that any IAFF member who joins Golden State Firefighters is subject to sanctions and expulsion from the IAFF if another IAFF member files charges against them. IAFF took the action against Golden State Firefighters after a series of attempts to co-opt the image of front line firefighters for their own ends. In early 2004, “Golden State Firefighters” sent letters to legislative candidates around the state, soliciting them to participate in a slate mailer for the March 2nd Primary Election.
The solicitation described Golden State Firefighters as a membership organization consisting of “Fire District Board members, Fire Chiefs, Fire Marshals and rank-and-file firefighter’s association and union members.” It promised distribution to more than a million voters statewide and, in an especially Machiavellian twist, promised to center its efforts in the counties most heavily affected by last fall’s devastating firestorm.

But although Golden State Firefighters claims to be a membership organization, they have made no formal outreach to career firefighters, offer no member benefits or services, hold no training seminars ... they don’t even put out a newsletter.

What they do is political mail, often in direct conflict with candidates endorsed by IAFF-affiliated locals, such as San Diego City Firefighters. California Professional Firefighters (CPF) was able to head off any significant defection of our endorsed candidates to the rogue mailer. Nonetheless, Golden State Firefighters did eventually circulate a slate mailer that was cynical and deceptive. Candidates and causes were falsely listed as having paid for slots on the mailer, implying participation where none occurred. Perhaps most despicably, the authors of the mailer actually sought to trade on the tragic death of Novato firefighter Steven Rucker in the firestorm by placing Rucker’s picture at the bottom.

Faced with this assault on the image of our profession, CPF members approved a resolution at their Convention in May asking that IAFF declare Golden State Firefighters to be a rival organization. The IAFF action this week ratifies that request.

If you’re an IAFF member and have been approached to join Golden State Firefighters, we’d like to know about it (so far, they don’t seem to be inter ested in members — only dollars). Please contact CPF at (916) 921-9111 or via email —

Kristin wasn't the only one appalled. The International Association of Fire Fighters was appalled too. 



  1. Gaspar was "appalled" by Bruce Ehlers comments. I wasn't. I guess Gaspar finds the truth appalling.

    I'm appalled by her being appalled.

  2. Clearly Muir has been violating city policy for some time. Why can't he be held accountable? The way I see it, he was ineligible to even apply while a city employee. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    City of Encinitas Administrative Manual Code of Ethics Number P025 Section E and F as follows:

    City employees should refrain from participating in the election of City Council members, and from all partisan political activities that would impair employee performance.

    It is unacceptable for City employees to seek favors. Efforts to achieve personal gain, obtain profits secured by confidential information, or misuse public time are regarded as highly dishonorable for all employees.

    Additionally Chief Muir is violating City of Encinitas Administrative Manual Disciplinary Procedure P023 provisions set forth in Section II. B (12).

    Section II. B Subsection B (12) requires employees to "Fully comply with
    the rules, regulations, and policies of the employee's department."

    It clearly states in the Administrative Manual under Code of Ethics P025 that the Philosophy under which the administrative was created that:

    It is the intention of the City of Encinitas to develop and ensure the highest standards of professional conduct in its employees. To this end, the following guidelines are established to help employees measure the integrity of their actions.

  3. It is clear that there has been gross violations. How do we effectively get these violations and conflict of interest issues addressed?

    Election 2012?
    Public Protests?
    Civil Grand Jury?
    US Office of Special Council?
    District Attorney?

    I am sure there is quite a few enlightened and informed members of our city that can effectively facilitate and advise us in getting the right issues to the right venue to be addressed.

    Please make your knowledge known.

  4. Are you F'ing kidding?

    David - thank god your a fireman, cause your a f'ing moron.

    The only way you can get anything done in Encinitas is to Sue the City. Ask KC.

    Now a law suit by citizens against council for violating its own standards of ethics would be priceless. and would be almost as good as the original general plan creating Encinitas. BUT does anyone have the balls to do it? Dr. Lorri?!!

    No. She's friends with Muir and seems to be kindof out of it. Rambling "Council will only make its decisions tonight how does the blog know?" Pfff.

    Who else has the balls? Bob is dead.

    Gary? No. He so pissed at the City he is ready to stay in Hawaii.

    LTC. NO.... there more on the plant organic foods kick or lets go pick some weeds.

    Who? ETA? Now they are the only ethical group in town with some integrity and balls. Lets see what they do and .....

    What about OTC... hell no they don't do much of anything more than LTC.

    Cardiff... thats it. Not the town Council. they ran us through that whole BS about Cardiff Specific Plan. But What about Cardiff build a good park coalition. Now they have balls. They might have the organization and horsepower to challenge this lame council.

    I for one, would give all my contribution money and dues to all the City organizations and non-profits to this organization if it sued the shit out of our council for violating our own ethical standards. Who is on board?

  5. Not just a class action law suite, but sue all the guilty council members personally! Maybe criminal charges will be pressed.

    Don't sit back and let this happen.

    This is Your Town not theirs!

  6. 3 votes for Muir, and over 8000 votes for Kranz. Somethings very wrong here.


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