Sunday, November 20, 2011

Responding to Rushing Traffic

From the inbox:
Encinitas Traffic Calming: Cardiff Example

It was bound to happen. Less than a month after the project was completed, one of the roundabouts was run over on Summit Avenue. Everyone that has been to my house in the past 30 days has said the same thing - it won't be long until someone plows over one.

After living on Summit for a couple years, I am in complete agreement that something had to be done about the speeding vehicles. The neighborhood is filled with kids, runners, walkers, bike riders and pets. My home office window faces the street, and I watch all day as cars blast past my house down the street. Some of my neighbors were hoping for speed bumps, which probably would have been more effective, but they are incredibly annoying, damage vehicles, and slow emergency responders. When we got word that roundabouts were going in, we were optimistic that the project would be an effective means to slow down speeding vehicles.

After a month of living with them, I can say that they are at best mildly effective. While most people slow down, the two roundabouts on Summit are just too small, and spaced too far apart. The street between the two roundabouts is now a drag strip. The car that ran over the roundabout left skid marks in excess of 75 feet - I kid you not. From a quick internet search, it looks like a car must be traveling at +/- 45 mph to leave skid marks that long, almost double the limit. The signs have been replaced, and the stump left behind looks like Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree. If it is still there after Thanksgiving, I think I will put a few ornaments on it.

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  1. I walk that way everyday and it does slow traffic as it goes around then some cars speed back up. On Devonshire, people were driving in speeds in excess of 50 mph, going to the hospital usually, and the speed cushions have really slowed them down, and those who want to speed over them, I get satisfaction knowing they are at least annoyed. I think Summit and Rubenstein would have been better off with speed cushions - the emergency vehicles travel through them because they have wider wheel bases, cars can't avoid them.

  2. I'll take one on my street. People fly down our street. Anything like this would make them slow down. I put out trashcans and bikes to try and slow them down.

  3. Where is the Sheriff? Speeding on residential streets is a low priority for them. Our city council sets their priorities. They are not concerned with our safety and well being at our homes. We certainly see the motorcycles on ECR and Enc Blvd. Why doesn't the city manager tell them to patrol residential highways (streets)?

    Also, the speed mitigation did it job making the jerk going 45 slow down. The speeder should have to pay for repairs.

  4. I like the new designs of the round-abouts they're putting in! A little too many rocks for my taste, but the ones on Leucadia blvd. look great!

    I can't wait to see what north 101 looks like.

    It is slow, but I gotta hand it to the city of Encinitas when it comes to these projects: they don't cheap out.

  5. They should plant tire spikes among the rocks and plants.


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