Saturday, November 12, 2011

Secret Rural Leucadia


  1. I know that place. Its were Jerome Stock and Muir plan to upzone and put in three story super dense condos to pay for all the huge city pensions like Muirs $170,000.00 a year pension forever. They need massive real estate tax increases to pay for these pensions and they are all about selling out your town to the developer who will put the most campaign support into their campaigns. Just like they've down the last 2 elections.

    Remember it takes cold hard cash to beat these developers special friends. Remember to contribute big to alternate candidates it you want to preserve Encinitas as a place with a high quality of life. If you want it like Hermosa Beach, do nothing, we are on our way.

    I am running, and I can use your help. I believe Encinitas deserves a council that is open to citizen input, that represents the diversity of the community, and that engages in respectful discussion to reach compromises when there a divergence of interests. We have a wonderful city - elect me and I will work to create a council that earns your respect, and is open to all views.

  3. Lisa,

    What will you do about pensions?

    I asked another candidate, Elizabeth Shany, about that months ago, and she hasn't responded.

    The last thing we need is more council candidates who won't reform pensions.

  4. The only pension reform will have to be in the form of a ballot initiative.


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