Thursday, December 22, 2011

Leucadians to City Hall, "You Have Our Attention Now"

Over the years we've posted up videos from different camps. Remember the squealing pig video about Barth? (Did anyone every figure out what the point was of that pre-election video?) Well, the appointment of Mark Muir awakened a lot of people, including the creative class in Leucadia.

The second time around is when you can really see the soul and commitment to our city of these Leucadians. It is time for the Mayor to hold a town hall meeting and straighten things out because the natives are restless.


  1. Hits the heart! Who'd have thought we would be protesting 50 years after the 60's? Thanks.

  2. That is awesome. Song about the realities of Encinitas.

    too bad the masses are asleep on their big fat asses.

    The corruption roles on..... I'll buy that for a dollar!

    Thanks to all who brought this song to fruition.

  4. Garranteed. Stocks will be re-elected and some one besides Ron Paul will be voted in as President.

    This town and country are in the shitter.

    Its time for evolution of our government. The special interests have a lock on all the masses.

    Term limits for all offices is the only answer.

  5. Anthem for the Dump $tock$ movement (and get rid of crony Muir).

  6. Loved the video and song. I look forward to the song being sung throughout the city by everyone. Thank-you
    to the muscians and video creators. Good job!

  7. "...... besides Ron Paul"
    Say WHAAAAT !!????

  8. Gotta agree with Rebecca on Ron Paul.

    He's not going to win, and he's the only candidate who would change the status quo of corruption, debt, and perpetual war.

    Mainstream politicians in both parties are completely corrupt. None of them will stop the Wall Street looting of the economy or the destruction of the future via debt.

    Obama hasn't prosecuted a single bankster and the alleged Tea Party Congress hasn't cut a dime of spending. We are spending more this year than we did under Obama's giant $800 billion stimulus in 2009. The "temporary" payroll tax cuts and unemployment extensions keep getting extended over and over to keep the politicians re-elected, all while passing the bill on to future generations.

    Ron Paul has his problems, but he's the only politician even coming close to addressing the debt crisis seriously.

  9. ... but I think the odds of Stocks losing are much, much higher.

    Stocks has been on the wrong side of so many very high-profile public issues: pensions, open government, the Surfing Madonna.

    This could be the year that even the tuned-out voters start to hear what's happening at city hall.

  10. W.C.
    I agree with you on the council majority giving us so much ammunition. The problem is how to get it out to to those who vote.

  11. The masses aren't asleep - they just don't know. Let's talk to them. Join the "Dump Stocks" campaign.

    Help get "Dump Stocks" rear hood magnet and bumper stickers on as many cars as possible.

    Available by emailing:

  12. W.C. & Rebecca:
    Care to weigh in on Ron Pauls racism? It's not "just the economy, stupid". (And I mean no disrespect to you by that last sentence, just borrowing the quote.

    Not just Stocks, but Muir as well. He's cut from the same cloth as the rest of the Super Majority. He may be 'laying low' right now, but it's only a matter of time before the Puppet Master shows his true mettle.

  13. Ron Paul is not racist.

    He made a lot of money using his name to sell a newsletter written by other people. A few issues of that newsletter had some bigoted stuff in them.

    Try to reconcile what's in those newsletters with anything and everything he's ever said publicly and any and all of his votes, and there's absolutely no way he wrote that stuff.

    It was horrible judgment to lend his name to stuff written by wackos without editorial review, obviously.

    He's a flawed candidate, and as we've said, he's not going to be elected anyway.

    But the point is the issues, not the man. Mainstream politicians of both parties are destroying the country, and Ron Paul is doing a great service to call attention to it.

  14. Rebecca and W.C. are right about Ron Paul. He gets my vote again this time. Anyone else will be business as usual.

  15. Rebecca and W.C. are right about Ron Paul. He gets my vote again this time. Anyone else will be business as usual.

  16. We know Dean, you support robbing our children future to pay for unsustainable and unwarranted entitlements.

    In my opinion that is Pathetic. You should really feel good about yourself this Christmas. I'm not worried you will be judged soon enough. Along with all the other crooks stealing our children's future. Americans have become pathetic creatures. They sacrifice their young for their own immediate contorts and short term profits. Sad but true.

    If you love America and America's children their is only one vote you can make. Ron Paul. Its that simple.

  17. Merry Christmas to all!

    And may next year bring change -- both locally and nationally!

  18. Who's gonna "judge" me?
    Your Invisible Friend In The Sky?

    Faith-based irrationality.

    Today I commune with Mother Nature
    MY "god".

  19. I would hope even avowed atheists would recognize the immorality of deficit spending and pension over-promising, leaving only debt and ruination for future generations. Their conscience should be their judge.

    There are some people who have no conscience, though. The clinical term for them is sociopaths, and they make up a majority of both parties in Washington.

  20. Well said WC. Its a sad time for Americans. May we evolve quickly to a better beings. It gets disturbing when creatures are willing to sacrifice their young for their own pleasures.

  21. I e-mailed that address given for the "Dump Stocks" stickers and it was rejected. Is it correct??

  22. It's good to hope that mankind could evolve into a species that appreciates each other and "Mother Nature". About how long do you suppose that will that take, Dean?


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