Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The New Mayor

The logical choice for Mayor and Deputy Mayor was Stocks and Gaspar.


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  2. Tine to change this blogs intro: The most memorable bumper sticker should become in the coming months not "Keep Leucadia Funky" but "Dump Stocks"
    I'm so sick of this divisive behavior; its as if they think they can't be touched, they can do whatever the hell they want. We've been so stupid to let all this go for so many years.
    If you care about your community its time to become informed about it and take action

  3. Wow. Bypassing someone as experienced, capable and dedicated as Teresa Barth for yet another year and installing Stocks and neophyte Gaspar (who couldn't be bothered getting up to speed after 7 months in office on the Pacific View issue) is more than a disgrace it's blatant cronyism and frankly tyranny.

    It was bad enough ignoring a dying councilwoman's wishes for appointing a replacement who represents her constituents but for this council to bypass Teresa Barth yet again for mayor or even deputy mayor is incredulous. The many people who voted for both Maggie and Teresa are not being represented due to the nasty small town mentality of a few council members.

  4. Agree! If there ever was a reality show called "Most Dysfunctional City Council" this is it. I watched the pantomine of
    "appointing" the mayor and step-mayor with my purloined airbag at the ready. The first heave came from Muir's comment about having some sort of discussion about how they should all play fair (I didn't blink at Bond's motion, so true to form). The second heave came with Gasbag shaking her bones to get attention to make a record about how blessed we all are with Stocks as our Mayor. The third heave came after Bond stated he wasn't going to run again, and he means it this time, and people out there like his vests...errr, his best to make the right decisions.

  5. Video clip is available: http://youtu.be/VavRPVwgaGw

  6. In the NCT article:
    "Gaspar said during the meeting that Stocks was the natural choice for the mayor's spot this year…"
    "The current selection system worked fine 25 years ago when Encinitas incorporated, but "it's time for our city to grow up," Stocks said."
    Actually, Bond explains how the "natural rotation" works and how it should have worked through 2010 in this clip.


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  8. Sorry. I mean the THIRD photo.

  9. If you check out the Sign On San Diego article about our mayoral process [or lack of one], you will find some comments supporting Stocks "appointment". One supporter is a collections attorney based in Van Nuys, an other is employed in the insurance industry [just like Stocks], and the third is apparently a basketball player from Nevada. Probably next election Stocks will import supporters from India or depend on Lisa Stocks for support. When will the majority of Encinitas residents wake up ?

  10. Never. Its Bell South!

    Even more fasinating, when will the media reporters wake up and publish articles about the shenanigans happening in Encinitas.

    It would make great reality TV. How the crooks snowed the public for over a decade.

  11. Beyond belief!! - this fiefdom is now controlled by this clique and regular citizens' opinions be damned! The Lord Mayor fiddles while Encinitas burns - the arrogance and conceit is astounding! And the Stepford wife is Deputy Mayor?? - absolutely disgraceful. This group represents all that is wrong with our "democracy" today - apathy and lack of awareness allow clowns like these to run roughshod over the community's greater interests.
    It's time to start the 'Dump $tock$' campaign now!


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