Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Spiffy traffic signals and lamps at Leucadia Blvd!

This is very exciting, the much maligned Leucadia Blvd intersection is currently getting all new groovy signals /street lamps installed. They look classy!


  1. That intersection works much more efficiently when both Vulcan and Hwy101 are all way stops like today.

    Its only at times like today when that intersection works well.

    Some times simplicity is the most effective solution for increasing capacity through a complex intersection. Pull down the signals and install stop signs. Its the best solution.

  2. That intersection is awful. Getting through on Vulcan is a nightmare every morning.

  3. Grade separation is in the new regional transit plan:
    Table 6.4, top of page 6-33 (search for leucadia)

    Should be done within 48 years.


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