Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bike Advocacy for the 101 and Beyond

From the inbox (edited because its not clear which part was a submission):

The city of Encinitas had put out some feelers about their interest in starting a Bike Committee (commission?).  It is better for the Cycling Community if the committee is part of the city rather than a separate entity, (as in Oceanside) so, if you can get the city to be on board that is the way to get the most done.

We were trying to get interested parties together with the city.  So, if you are interested, please let me know. There is a list of Encinitas people interested and you can get everyone on board. If you don’t get anywhere with the city, then you can go ahead with it on your own.

The city traffic engineer is open to cyclists.  We have already met with him.  If he needs more voices to get changes made faster, perhaps we can find the right people to make noise to.

The City Engineer is getting ready to put a bike lane in on the north bound lane from Leucadia to La Costa.  Really it should start at Encinitas Blvd. He already received input on how it should be done.

There is a separate petition going around that a buffered bike lane should be put in on coast highway.  When the city traffic engineer asked for input from experienced cycling advocates, including SDCBC and CABO it was suggested that a buffered bike lane is not the way to go.  (Howard La Grange (Encinitas Resident) and Pete Penseyres both of the Oceanside Committee as well as Jim Baross of SDCBC were in attendance at the meeting) (We also got further input from Caltrans District 7 Bicycle Advisory Committee, Policy Chair Caltrans Understanding Bicycle Transportation course developer/teacher  )
Cyclist are forbidden to cross the buffer when they need to turn.  It is not a safer option.  You will also find separated bike paths used by dog walkers and pedestrians. In places where there is a buffer, I usually notice that the bike lane is not maintained.

A separated bike path along with a bike lane might be a way to go, but I don’t think there is space for both right now and I don’t think it’s something that can happen immediately.  There is a separated bike path in Solano beach that is rarely used by cyclists. The bike lane alongside it however is. There is also a separated bike path in Carlsbad between CVD and Tamarack that is rarely used, when I do use it I have to stop to ask dog walkers to put their dogs on a leash.  A buffered bike lane is not exactly the same as a separated bike path but, where you have to intersect with traffic there are many more safety issues. 

LB note: City commissions aren't (or shouldn't be) advocacy organizations, or are they? I've always thought of them as a group to provide analysis and options for the policymakers and  a way for the city populace as a whole to have their values indicated in the pro/con balancing of options. Commissions for particular topics should not be composed solely of content experts, but should have a membership of citizens interested in the issues and willing to do the homework. 
More from the same inbox thread:

The Encinitas Traffic Engineer would like to stripe a buffered bike lane between La Costa Ave and Leucadia Blvd on Highway 101, but he thinks that cyclists don't want such an option. I created a petition here to tell him otherwise:


  1. Bike lanes/separate bike paths are desperately needed in Encinitas, but cyclists should not be encouraged to use any path along northbound 101 until the goathead thorn problem is eliminated.

  2. Seems to me that north county cyclists think they already own the road...

  3. The road is open for any and all users, motorized or pedal powered.

    Seperate paths help younger and novice cyclist, while experienced and faster cyclists will often remain in the main travel lanes.

    The more people on bikes the more room there *can* be for drivers. But again, that's hard to see with Ryans attitude.

  4. Most people riding bikes on 101 now and in the future are making recreational trips. All the bikers I know use their cars on the 101 when making utility trips.


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