Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cool stuff


  1. Super nice and custom. Love it!

  2. What is the latest on the cool (not) General Plan update?

  3. Same old thing from the very beginning. The State crammed a 30% increase in density in our town with Density Bonus laws. Now the City will cram even higher densities in your neighborhood to pay for the increased pensions from the Stock's 2005 fiasco (35% increase in pensions) against the City's tax payers. Nothing new , but bad from the get go. Get the word out, Stocks is bad for Encinitas. Now he has a crony in office, Mark Muir, that tax payers pay over $160,000 a year for his retirement for uttering in more special interest for their development bros. Some things never change- Encinitas Voters are as dumb as dirt!


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