Monday, January 16, 2012


MLK created waves that our nation rode toward greater justice and freedom. His tools for change were the words which conveyed national ideals of freedom of justice for all. He was not an elected official. He held the title of American Citizen. He stood up, spoke out, and relied on a grassroots democratic movement to result in the improvement of people's lives and an unwinding of a national wrong.

MLK helped catalyze the opening of many doors for Americans. To get there he had to risk doors being closed on him by some of those in power. Change often means ruffling feathers. An effort that was short of personal risk would not have sufficed or resulted in change.

In MLK's sermons he promotes loving those who stood in the way of equality. People in power are human. I don't think that means we should not acknowledge and communicate mistakes made, about to be made, or those left unaddressed by out elected leaders. I think MLK was just fine with voting out of office those people who refused to fix (or even address) problems.

MLK focused his time (at least as historically presented) on the issues. He did not focus on petty personal disputes with those who opposed the ideas he espoused.

Spend your effort and breath on the policy issues of our time. We've got the day to think about it.


  1. Did you know Dr. Lorri marched with MLK?!

  2. A lot of people say our leaders need to be good at compromising.

    Compromise is good in negotiating deals. It applies to wants, desires and resources. Compromise really doesn't apply well to principles and ethics. It doesn't apply to right and wrong very well.

    I am glad the civil rights leaders were not content with compromise.


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