Wednesday, February 29, 2012

L101 Mainstreet Assoc Community Meeting March 1st

Leucadia 101 Main Street Association's Annual Community Meeting and Leucadia Update

WHEN: Thursday March 1, 2012 6:30 - 8:00 PM

WHERE: Paul Ecke Central School Auditorium 185 Union St, Encinitas

~ Find out what's going on in Leucadia these days!

~ Hear from the Leucadia 101 Main Street on their role in preserving, revitalizing and beautifying Leucadia's Hwy 101 corridor.

~ Get an update on the Leucadia Hwy 101 "Streetscape" plan, the continuation of the Encinitas Streetscape to the north!

~ Meet other Leucadians, City Officials and share what is important to you!

~ Tell your neighbors and friends.


  1. I will be there to be informed, support the efforts of L101 for our benefit and contribute, if I can.
    I encourage all to attend.

  2. I hope to be there. Interested to hear the latest on the streetscape and the rest of the goings on.
    C'mon out everybody!

  3. I'm hoping to make it as well, & hope there's a good turn out. Cheers.

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  5. Report: good turnout, good presentations, good streetscape up date and a few sparks from roundabout alarmist.
    Support L101

  6. Did Stocks, Gaspar, or Muir show up?

  7. Are any presentations or reports available online?

  8. I see Logan Jenkins of the UT thinks citizens are over reacting to Ecke's bid to rezone his ag property. But then again, Jenkins defended Dan Dalager early in his bribery scandal. Obviously Jenkins isn't as smart as Ecke and can't see the ulterior motive involved. In 2005, Ecke claimed he was in dire need of redeveloping that land and that his business might not survive if he wasn't allowed to go forward - an outright falsification. Why should anyone believe him now? Maybe Jenkins wants to be invited to the elite garden parties with the rest of the Ecke minions ($tocks, Bond, Gaspar, Muir)!

  9. I agree with Logan. I think folks are way over reacting. There is NO ZONING CHANGE.

  10. Chris serves martinis at Ecke's garden parties.

  11. Observer listens to Coast to Coast.

  12. Observer states:
    "I see Logan Jenkins of the UT thinks citizens are over reacting to Ecke's bid to rezone his ag property."
    I can respect Observer's opinion, but he is trying to change the facts. No one is attempting to change the zoning.

  13. Please post the presentations online!


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