Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Mayor Reaches Out

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Subject: From the Mayor of Encinitas
From: "Encinitas Mayor Jerome Stocks" <>
Date: Mon, January 30, 2012 12:17 pm


The other day I ran into one of our neighbors at Von's.

She was surprised to hear that 5.8 acres of land near the San Elijo Lagoon
have been purchased for permanent open space.

She had not heard about it. And asked if she could be included in future
emails that I send out.

I told her I did not do an email newsletter to poeple in Encinitas, but
that this would be a good excuse to start one.

So here is my first email. If you do not wish to receive news from me
about Encinitas, let me know, I will gladly remove your name from this

In the meantime, I hope you are having a great New Year.

Jerome Stocks
Mayor, City of Encinitas

p.s. Not produced or sent at government expense or using government

Land purchasing is not really one of Jerome's strong points and he hasn't learned from his "mistakes". Nothing has changed since this post was made.  Then there was this questionable transaction that the Mayor avoided fully addressing. 

Mr. Mayor, on what page of which report can the public read the "do not purchase" scenario comparison regarding finances and service (all the way to then end of TransNet and the SBX contract)? We are still waiting.

There are lots of government protocol manuals for land transactions that the city could adapt or adopt today (they are much more than just an appraisal policy). Some of them are pretty good and could have saved the City of Encinitas $5 million over the last 10 years. Why didn't Turko cover that? We could open the Hall park Phase I if we hadn't blown that money.


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  2. Interestingly, Jerome voted with developers to develop this land. Barth voted to oppose development.
    The Coastal Commission rejected the development. Now Stocks seems to be trying to take some sort of credit for preserving this ecologically sensitive land.
    Thanks for the bs spin Jerome.

  3. Isn't it wonderful to see that Mayor Stocks is so consistent - deceptive live, deceptive in Email. What a crock !

  4. Isn't it wonderful to see that Mayor Stocks is so consistent - deceptive live, deceptive in Email. What a crock !

  5. Chris, I'd like to see the dates Jerome voted to develop that land / Barth opposed it /and the Coastal Commission rejecting development. Not that I doubt any of those, just not that hot on blind dates.

  6. $tock$ has started his reelection bid with this deceptive ploy. He also voted for the Surfing Madonna to be placed on State land - why not?? He can now claim to have saved that too! What about the Pacific View School site - going to save that for the community $tock$?? No?? Already promised to some developer crony political contributor, no doubt.
    $tock$ has to go, along with Muir.

  7. Hi Winston. here is a link to an article about the land aquisition.

    Below is a quote from councilmember Barth's newsletter that linked the article.
    I do not have the date of the council meeting.
    "I was the only council member to vote against the proposed development on this property. The Coastal Commission later overturned the city's approval."

  8. Winston, it was about two years ago. I don't remember the exact date but many Cardiff Cove residents spoke against developing the land. Their board would probably know the exact date. Also several environmental groups including the San Elijo Lagoon Foundation spoke against it. I believe the Lagoon Foundatation has an office in the Seaside Market complex. I am sure they could give you the most background on the property. And yes the council majority that included Stocks denied the appeal that had been filed to stop develpment on this sensitive habitat and voted to allow it to be developed.

  9. Hi, a couple of real late nights ago, I ran into a neighbor at the Liquor Box. There wasn't any permanent damage to my car, but she was a bit banged up. Anyway, she mentioned it might be a good idea to send out emails about my whereabouts in case anybody wanted to know how to avoid me. So if you would like to be on my Neighborhood Watch posts just send your info to city hall and I will get some government pensioner to take care of whatever.

  10. Some one needs to light up Jerome Stocks up about the huge windfall he gave all the union employees by the 35% increase in pension benefits forever. That act alone cost Encinitas Citizens hundreds of millions of dollars over the next 50 years. This guy is the biggest crook around someone needs to provide a report to the watchdog groups of the press around the county. The public has been shafted again.

  11. Good enough, Chris and Kathleen. Thanks.

  12. Yesterday was the Arts Alive banner unveiling, and the only council member to attend was Teresa Barth. Guess it's not close enough to election time for our Mayor, Jerome Stocks, to engage in community events.

  13. Mary:
    Oh but he was at the Kook Race this AM...him and Big Boy Muir. Sooooo many more people (read: voters).Teresa was there and had a number on, so she ran. Gaspar was there as well at the HEAD of the 5K runners, trying to get a little
    camera-action, I presume. Guess Bond was in church.

  14. Correction, please Mary, if fairness.
    Arts Alive Banner unveiling.
    Jim Bond and council member Muir were there also.
    And our new city manager, channel 10 and 8 news.

    A very worthy event.

  15. They showed up to the look race because the guys heading it, lebherz and his son in law are both on the park equivalent committee of friends of the library, called Patrons of Encinitas parks. Lebherz and his wife supported (financially) the attempted re-election of dalager. Muir and stocks have mutual interest with these men.

  16. Do people make money off controlling public spaces for events like that?

    Can anyone get permits to run a race or a surf contest?

  17. Check out the mission statement of the Kook Race from

    Our community goals for the run are as follows:
    1. Establish a foundation for the Safety and Preservation of the “Magic carpet ride” and surroundings
    2. Fund additional P.E. programs at Cardiff Elementary.
    3. Assist the community of Cardiff with park related funding

    The cost of the race is $30-$40 depending on distance. It is not clear how the registration fees are distributed amongst the causes. One of the sponsors is Seaside Market, also a contributor to the council majority reelection.

  18. Chris: I get it. However, Jerome Stocks did not attend the Arts Alive event. FACT.

  19. Ah, the opening of the Silly Season!


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