Friday, March 23, 2012

Boulevard of Dreams

Encinitas Blvd! Gateway to Moonlight Beach and memories.


  1. and no Surfing Madonna on the corner. What a shame. Nice shot from the trestle.

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  3. From Councilmember Barth's Newsletter:
    On the March 28 Council Agenda

    Introduction of Ordinance 2012-04 amending Municipal Code Section 2.20.020 entitled "Presiding Officer" to establish a criteria-based selection process for Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Read it here

    I am surprised that this was listed on the Consent Calendar and expect a member of the public to pull it for discussion.

    The proposed change to the selection of Mayor and Deputy Mayor is unlike any other city's process in San Diego County and is certainly not one proposed by any member of the public.

    It is not clear from the agenda report when it becomes effective...after the November 2012 election or is it retroactive to the 2010 election? If it is retroactive it would make Kristin Gaspar mayor in 2013 & 2014. Jerome Stocks proposed this process and she 2nd his motion. They were supported by Mark Muir. Bond & I voted against.

    I do however find it rather ironic. If this newly concocted system had been in place since incorporation Stocks would have never served as Mayor as he never received the most votes in any of his three previous elections. Bond, in his nearly 20 years on council, received the most votes twice in his five elections.

    I would encourage you to attend the meeting even if you do not want to speak.

  4. Is luckmey the hacker that hyjacked the blog. I'd stay away from that link. It looks dangerous.


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