Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Night Path

Walked to 7-11 tonight. The improvements at the Leucadia Blvd intersection are amazing.


  1. It is a nice walkway on the north side.

    A few other thoughts considering this project was in part supposed to improve the safety of pedestrians and encourage pedestrian travel for the area.

    Its mind boggling that in the heart of Leucadia, the designers skipped the pedestrian walkway on the south side of the street all together in favor Carlsbad commuter traffic turning left from southbound Hwy101.

    You wouldn't see anything like that in downtown Encinitas would you? No. Thats because the DEMA cares too much about creating a heathy downtown business environment.

    But no, this is Leucadia and people don't care. Try and legally walk from the corner of Kotija to the school path walkway on the east side of Vulcan some morning. That will add 15 minutes to your daily walk. Its ridiculous and most pedestrians do not legally crosses that intersection because the operation of the intersection makes no sense. Your stuck waiting for 10 minutes minimum.

    Its not like there are many legal crossings along that 2 miles stretch of wasteland called NCTD right-of-way. Put in the crosswalk on the south side of and promote pedestrian traffic and use of NCTD services along Hwy 101 for 90% of Leucadia that lives east of the railroad tracks.

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  3. It still takes 10 minutes to get from Roadside Park to 7-11. Unless you are willing to risk the $175 jaywalking ticket and ignore the lights.


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