Thursday, March 22, 2012

Surfy Surfy is in Leucadia


  1. One of my favorite outdoor office locations.

  2. OK, it's next to Surfy Surfy, that's Cafe Ipe, AKA Coffee Coffee

  3. How'd you get your website back? How was that commercial site able to hijack it in the first place?

  4. Nice to have the blog back. The Surfing Madonna should be placed on the court yard wall at Coffee Surfy for all to view. There's no questioning that she is a true blue Leucadian! Don't let her go to Solana Beach. PS Thanks for the great shows in the courtyard. To all who have performed we are truly greatful to have performance art in Leucadia. JP, I love what you have done with your corner but some of us alley dwellers would like to see the backside cleaned up a little bit from Jasper to Diana. The parking set up in the alley and especially on Jasper (Motel) is dangerous with the park where ever you can philosophy along the back walls of the businesses that front 101.

  5. Surf shop and art gallery was Phase I.
    Coffee shop Phase II.
    The alley side of the building is Phase III of the restoration.


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