Wednesday, April 11, 2012

El Torito Market

Located 1 block north of Leucadia Blvd on our beloved coast highway 101.
Stop being a yuppie snob and driving to Whole Foods. Support El Torito. They gots super yummy tacos!


  1. What are their specialties (besides tacos)?

    We've picked up some great tomatillos there in the past.

  2. Lots of reasons to love this place - the location, the prices, the meat counter (try some different kinds of fajitas), the produce; the prices.
    Support these guys, they are great!

  3. While I shop at El Torito once in a while I would bet the owner through no fault of his own doesn't pay health insurance or retirement for his two or three employee's where as WF does for its sixty plus workers. What is the tax base for El Torito to support improvements in Leucadia? Anywhere near the hundreds of thousands of dollars WF pays each year?
    Maybe next time just say don't forget about our little market up here in Leucadia.


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