Saturday, April 21, 2012

Leucadia Liquor installed a new deck!

Looks good. Now put out some tables and chairs out and get the deli going.


  1. Now Louie won't slip when he is souced!

  2. Awesome. Maybe now they'll have some outdoor seating for their deli.

  3. I wish the pictures weren't all fuzzy and crappy. Maybe it is time for a new camera.

  4. What's up with Louie? He looks like someone takes care of him, but... Does he have mental health issues, or is he really that loaded?

    One day I asked Louie if he had any LSD. "Ah, the San Francisco Yellow Pages -- no man, and if I had a joint I'd smoke it with ya". (It was early in the day)

  5. Louie has a good heart and in the decades I've known him has never ripped anyone off. He's cleaned up downtown after street fairs, decorated a Christmas tree faithfully for countless years, and I don't know what else. Don't know much about him or how he survives, but it wouldn't surprise me if he was an angel unaware all this time, and we'll all be judged by how we treated him. So look that up in your Funk and Wagnal.

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