Saturday, April 07, 2012

New 7-11 in North Leucadia!!!

In the retro Mobile station.
Now Leucadia has not one, but two 7-11's. So take that Cardiff, you one 7-11 town you.


  1. Renaming a rose won't change it's scent. But as much as I like the design, this place has a few strikes.
    #1. They obliterated the interior retro design along with Kevin Anderson's murals.
    #2. They didn't build the business facing traffic but away from it.
    #3. They got PC approval to build it under the following conditions for the sake of Sea Bluffers:
    a: They wouldn't be open past 10pm
    b: They wouldn't build a car wash
    c: They wouldn't sell alcohol
    d: They wouldn't sell propane

    Well, they didn't build the car wash yet.

  2. 7-11's are always 24 hour operations. Alcohol is a main stay sales item and propane is an easy turnover. Now the derelicts have a place to hang out!


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