Saturday, May 05, 2012

Big Horsie

For some reason there is a giant horse sculpture on the corner of Encinitas Blvd and Quail Garden Rd.


  1. Wow ... Sounds like the are curiou about it. Interesting how you assumed it was negative. Maybe the poster did want grumpy people like you attacking them. Have to admi while it is beautiful it is an odd place for it. Isn't I the one the same one that was down by Manchester? I figured Sunshine Garden was selling it.

  2. Google the artist, Alexandre Safonov, for more information about the carving in the picture and his other work, much of which is done from a spot on the north side of Sunshine Gardens. The dolphin carvings he makes are great, plus he has fun bee hive and bear pieces.

  3. That thing needs to be at San Dieguito Academy. It's an excellent sculpture.

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  5. So GOP president candidate Ron Paul represents at UCSD to a crowd of over 5,000 cheering Americans and get who didn't so up?

    The press.

    This country is in the toilet and needs a major enema.

    Unfortunately, the way we are heading its going to be a very unpleasant enema for most in the next ten years.

    If you have a brain, use it, and learn about Ron Paul.

    If not, never mind and enjoy your days while you can.


    yeah.... 4000 people cheering for a great presidential candidate.... yeah, thats not news but a dog that lost its way made the headlines instead.

    Our society is controlled by the corporations. Your vote doesn't matter.

  7. I went to the Ron Paul event and wrote about it here.

    The U-T had a decent story on it, but it certainly didn't get national coverage.

  8. I like Ron Paul. Seems like a honest guy and has some reasonable ideas. He also has some incredibly bad ones, and will never be taken seriously as a presidential candidate. His supporters are quite entertaining though!

  9. Which bad ideas don't you like, Ryan?

  10. Ryan,

    Which ideas don't you like?

    Whats wrong? Not quite sure if Ron Paul has any bad ideas. Thats OK.

    I think he has solid ideas as well.

  11. Ryan's burning the midnight oil looking for bad ideas...

  12. Ron Paul's positions on the issues of science, taxes, religion, & abortion are scary as hell.

    "I think it's a theory, the theory of evolution and I don't accept it as a theory." -Ron Paul, 2007. WTF?!

  13. That horse looks ridiculous. Give me the Kook any day over that thing.

    Actually that gives me an idea -- people should dress it up the same way. The first costume should be a blond wig. Get it?

  14. Rob,

    Your 11:10pm post makes no sense. Please give an example of something you don't agree with in Ron Paul's platform? You only gave generalities. What form of government do you support, communism?

    Sorry, it doesn't work. Too many, loafers and we have way to many around Leucadia.... now its common for teenagers and bums to be hitting you up for money ever time to enter a store to buy something with your hard earned money.

    Begging has become a profession.

  15. You can start with his desire to return to the gold standard. His refusal to run deficits and likely austere efforts to balance the budget would be a disaster in the economy's current state. If you need evidence, just take a look across the pond at the growing disaster that is austerity. His stance on abortion is unacceptable. He thinks the need to protect the environment is a hoax. He is an isolationist, and wants to pull out of NATO and the UN. Need I go on?

    Everyone is welcome to their opinions, and as I said, seems like an honest guy (for a politician), but he will always be a candidate for the fringe.

  16. Anon,

    FYI, there are forms of government in between communism and libertarianism. You know, like the country you currently live in???

  17. I provided one concrete example regarding science. Anyone who denies evolution is a complete idiot & unfit for office -- that's enough for me. Here are some more examples of my objections:

    He called global warming a hoax in a 2009.

    Economic policy:
    He supports radical changes that I fear would produce chaos & instability. For example, he annually introduces legislation to eliminate the Federal Reserve in a single year.

    Federal government:
    He supports eliminating most federal government agencies. I find this to be a radical position, but typical of Ron Paul. I think that championing radical unrealistic actions is irresponsible.

    He wants to eliminate Medicare

    Ron Paul has repeatedly tried to make legal personhood defined as beginning at conception.

    He published a newsletter in his name that contained violent racist content over a period of at least 5 years. He claims no awareness. For 5 years this content was published in his name and no staff or supporters informed him? Really? That's a little hard to believe, but even if it's true -- what does that say about his staff & supporters?

    "The Founding Fathers envisioned a robustly Christian yet religiously tolerant America, with churches serving as vital institutions that would eclipse the state in importance." — Ron Paul

    "...the Supreme Court has used the infamous 'separation of church and state' metaphor to uphold court decisions that allow the federal government to intrude upon and deprive citizens of their religious liberty." -RP

  18. I like his view on economic policy, and federal government. The rest of the issues are social and state issues. The federal government has no business addressing all these state and social issues.

  19. the stuff about Racism is BS. He is the furtherest thing from a racist in my opinion.

  20. Rob and Ryan,

    Your ignorance about running down the same path of endless debt is telling. Watch what happens to Greece for their ignorant ways. A financial collapse will be painful for the masses. The Greeks and Californians are both ignorant and thus they will pay. Sorry, the natural cycle of economics can not be tricked by bureaucrats, all pay in the end. Some will just have to pay more than others. Sounds like what you support is status quo from Obama, Bush and Romney of occupying other nations. I think your both way off base and I hope your after your next vote, you have some family members that get sent over seas to occupy some other nation all for the purpose of increase the war industry's profit.

    Fools... simply fools.

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  22. Anon,

    You can't just blow off half of what Rob and I pointed out as social and state issues when those are key to many voters minds. And you can be as much of a deficit hawk as you like, but austerity following a financial crisis will guarantee a slower and more painful recovery. Greece and the United States are two very different beasts, and while I support a more sound fiscal policy going forward, this is not the black and white issue that you and the Tea Party seem to think it is. Let's stick with the black and white theme for a moment. I don't support the long term wars we've been waging in the middle east, and am in favor of getting out as quickly and cleanly as possible. However, that does not mean that I would like the US to withdraw from the international stage. I think Obama has done well to involve other international players in the Libya revolution for example. For the most part, the US should not be acting in a unilateral fashion, but, for better or worse, we are a part of a global community, and must act accordingly.

    What strikes me about Paul supporters and many ideologues on the right and left is the complete absence of pragmatism. You, and they, can only see one solution, and are intolerant of any other ideas, however practical. Furthermore, it seems these groups are more and more willing to be revisionist historians whenever it seems to suit their cause, whether it has to do with economic theory or recasting the beliefs of the founding fathers. Honestly, its laughable, and why the extremes will always remain the lunatic fringe. My best hope for the upcoming election is a democratic landslide if for no other reason than to show the right that ideological extremism and obstruction is not an acceptable policy platform.

    For the record, I am an independent.

  23. Well said, Ryan.

    Anon wants my family put in harm's way because he assumes I support something he's against. What a jackass.

  24. Living within owns means is only logical. You can call it austerity but the reality is continuing on our current path will collapse the currency. You can't make up money without a basis and continue to have people believe it has value. Its just a matter of 15 years, until the whole world understands that the US dollar has no value. I already understand the issue. Ryan, you need to study up.
    Just because people think something is important shouldn't make it a federal issue. the federal issues were only supposed to provide a sound fiscal currency and provide National Defense. It was not supposed to get into all the other state issues and invade nations.

    Talk about JA. Who voted for fools that sent hundreds of thousand of Americans to occupy other nations for no good, who sent thousands of our children to die for nothing, and borrow and spend trillions of our children's money all for the war industry's profits. If you voted for Obama, Mccain or Bush, you are part of the problem. Wake up, if you continue to support these idiots, you should have real skin in the game.

    Fools. Simply fools. I know you will never open your minds to reality and that why just like Greece we are doomed. within 15 years or less, you will know I am right. Its just to bad that Americans like you are so stupid and asleep while pretending to be awake. Sad but true.

  25. Anon's strategy for winning an argument:

    1. State your case
    2. When rebutted, state your case again, only louder
    3. Repeat #2 and call anyone who disagrees stupid and foolish

    Bonus points for predicting impending doom

    Well done Anon.

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  27. OK Ryan, let me get the last part of your formula straight for winning arguments:
    Rob wins by calling eveyone else jackasses; Anon wins by calling eveyone else fools.
    And you win by calling everyone else fringe.
    Thanks for the tip. Since those are already taken, the next time I win an argument it'l be with Dan Akyroyd's "ignorant slut", prefaced with a title. Inaccurate bloggers beware

  28. This is some classic commentary. I will be going to Keno's after the ERAC meeting tonight (around 8) and will buy a drink for anyone calling themselves a fool, jackass or ignorant slut.

  29. Winston,

    Your strategy will be most successful if you take up the argument against women's reproductive rights!

  30. Please note that I only called Anon a jackass after he said he hoped *my family should be put in harm's way* based on an uninformed & untrue assumption he made. That qualifies as jackassery in my book.

    Fringe = not mainstream. That accurately describes Ron Paul & his supporters. It's not derogatory.

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  32. Ryan. So the person with active brainwaves and feelings who is inside the woman is without any rights in your opinion?

  33. Winston,

    Not my body, not my decision, not your decision, and certainly not the state or federal governments' decision.

    Why is it that conservatives who so badly want limited government, can't help themselves but to try and dictate how the rest of us should live our lives? Perhaps they should mind their own goddamn business? Who are these people that want to control abortions, reproductive rights, and who can and can't get married? Do they (you) really have so little joy in their life that they need to make everyone else miserable?

  34. When "mainstream" is two corrupt political parties driving our nation into bankruptcy aided by sycophants in the corporate and state-sponsored media, I'm happy to be "fringe."

  35. "Not my body, not my decision, not your decision, and certainly not the state or federal governments' decision"

    Oh you're so wrong. It was your body.

  36. Unfortunately,Winston, you are on the wrong side of history. Your side lost the fight, and it's not going to change.

  37. 98.7% of all the abortions in the US are performed before the 21st week. I suspect that many of the other 1.3% were due to complications that risked the mother's life.

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  39. Ryan,

    Very funny comments. Thanks for the laughs.

    Enough word have been written. Time will tell and as I have written, I think its less then 15 years.... so we will not have to waite long.

    God bless you all.... even if you don't believe in God, or Energy, or yourself, or anything....

    And with that lets hope the Federal Government doesn't create another agency to manage blogging and another to manage Religion and another to regulate sexual orientation, and another to regulate obesity, and another to manage stupidity.... and another to manage.... I think you get the point.

  40. Anon,

    Still waiting for you answer our rebuttals... Of course, if you don't have anything else to say, well, then you said enough.

  41. As you pointed out. All has been said. Time will tell. I hope your right, but I know your not. See you on the other side.

  42. So you have no answer to our rebuttals, but you continue to hold your postition? You are a true ideologue, well done. The lack of an open mind is such a wonderful thing!

    A few months ago, while waiting at the light at 101 and Encinitas Blvd, I watched on old lady pull up to the Occupy protestors, no doubt your bretheren. As she pulled up to the curb, she said nothing, but slowly raised up her hand and extended her middle finger. Made me laugh. Smart lady.

  43. Ryan,
    You're the one who neglected to answer my single question at 2:52

  44. Winston,

    Simply answer, no. I think it would be incredibly irresponsible for a women to have a late term abortion, but again, I'm not prepared to make a blanket judgement as there are many potential circumstances.

    More importantly, you are in no way qualified to decide when life begins or when an unborn fetus begins to have rights. These are undefinable, therefore should not be legislated.

    Furthermore, this argument is more often than not a religious-based argument. Since there is a separation of church and state in this country, arguments based on religious views cannot and should not be translated into laws that must be obeyed by all regardless of their religous views.

    What do you propose to do to the mothers that have abortions anyway? Prosecute them for murder? That is the only logical outcome, correct? Under your worldview, the mother is complicit with the physician, so both should be prosecuted. Pro-lifers seem to be very uncomfortable with this...

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  46. Ryan,

    With your "no" answer, that means you believe when the person within the mother does have active brainwaves and feelings he/she does have rights. But your explanation doesn't look like that's what you meant.
    You do state that a late term abortion is irresponsible, but I get the sense you feel that way only for the mother's sake. Of course there are all kinds of circumstances to consider. I'm not sure all pro-choicers were planned pregnancies of well to do parents (which should make most of us breathe a little better).

    My argument is far from religious grounds, but from compassion for our own species at early stages of self realization (no SRF reference intended), and surely the later one waits to abort the more horrific the suffering probably is for the living person inside. Its disturbing to me when they're aborting late term pregnancies in one room while saving the premature in the next.
    A white supremacist I know is pro-choice because there are five times as many blacks and twice as many Mexicans as whites that are aborted. Does a like minded large group privately promote your agenda?
    A career woman I know once angrily said: "I've never been pregnant, but if I was, I'd get rid of the fucker right now!" Kinda reminded me of a bumper sticker another person came up with: "My child would have been student of the month but I aborted the little bastard."

    You ask: "What do you propose to do to the mothers that have abortions anyway?"
    Outside of giving them a free bumper sticker, I haven't any suggestions.

  47. Good Post WC..... so do you think most Americans will wake up before the collapse of the US dollar? I honestly don't think so and am planning accordingly. You?

  48. Anon,

    I think we might get through this with a long period of declining living standards rather than a spectacular collapse.

    I'm not as prepared as I should be, but I'm getting there.

  49. Winston,

    My point is that is not your right to make the decision for anyone else. Everyone perceives the "moral" implications differently, and there is no right answer. Personally, I would not elect to have an abortion unless very early, but there are situations where the mother is in danger, and a choice has to me made. Either way, it is a tough choice that you have to live with.

    Thank for for implying that I might be a white supremacist, however I am not, nor am I part of any similar hate based group.

  50. Ryan, That did kinda come out wrong about making you look like a white supremacist. Appologies. I only meant the end results of their and whatever your agenda is appears the same.
    And I agree with the idea that each person deserves to choose for themselves. But then we get into the timeline of when the unborn may be a person or not. Obviously, the unborn have no choice.
    In any even its agreed to be a hard decision to make, be it for moral, financial and or physical reasons. Still over a million a year occur in this country alone. That is notable. I know a lot of environmentalists believe thats a good thing for the planet. But I've never heard anyone complaining about how much larger our carbon footprint would be without Hitler's genocide. At a public forum one time with reporters present, the question was posed: "How do we curb the population?" and James Bond said: "Bob's got an answer...shoot a pregnant woman!" which he immediately followed with "Jesus don't print that!" and they didn't.
    Sure that was a slam to Bob, who's mouth dropped open, but on a later date I heard him claim it would be best to euthanize retarded children. So, looks like everyone one has their threshold for the line in which they believe marks a person's right to exist.
    On a lighter note. I love you Mom! Happy Mother's Day!

  51. Wow, I didn't know that about Bob Nanninga:

    My question is, why do so many people feel the need to breed? Even gay men and women want to make babies. If homosexuality is natural, why would they need turkey basters or petri dishes to make a baby? I disagree with fertility clinics as well. Come on folks, if the plumbing doesn't work, give it up and see Paris for the second time.

    Why would anyone want to subject their offspring to the world we are creating? I just don't get it. I don't know about you, but when I look at a pregnant women my first thought is, "Oh great. One more person who's going to be crapping in the ocean."

    Of course, people with Nanninga's view probably don't proliferate much.

  52. Winston,

    My only agenda, really just an opinion, is to maintain the individuals' choice in the matter. It's is a grey area from a moral perspective, but I think that is even more of a reason to be pro- choice. it is a judgement reserved for the individual, not to be legislated by whoever has the majority.

    I do not have any societal factors shaping my decision.

  53. W.C.,

    With regards to your link, most Americans agree in principal to those points, however, it is unlikely that they agree to extent that libertarians do. I agree with many of those points, but only to a degree. When you take anything to the extreme, your credibility faulters.

  54. Ryan,

    It's OK to be a moderate libertarian, believing in modestly more limited government and modestly more personal freedom, just like you don't have to be a full-on Santorum religious nut to be a Republican or a full-on socialist to be a Democrat.

    The important thing is that libertarians are the only ones advocating that we even move in the direction of less war, smaller government, and more freedom, while both Republicans and Democrats are marching steadily in the other direction.

  55. "When you take anything to the extreme, your credibility faulters."

    Not necessarily.

    BTW it is spelled falters.

  56. W.C.,

    I disagree with you on that point. I think the government was headed in the right direction before the GOP made the debt limit a pissing match. And Obama has and is continuing to reduce our presence in the middle east, while showing restraint in crisises such as Libya and Syria. It's not as if you can make a 180 degree turn on fiscal matters and not suffer the consequences...

    And Winston, let's not confuse politics with pop... and thank you for poitning out my pour speling...

  57. Ryan,

    The government is borrowing 40 cents of every dollar it spends and running deficits of 8% of GDP (i.e. the same league as Greece).

    In the words of Marcellus Wallace, that's "pretty f&^%in' far from OK."

  58. Of course, we do pay our taxes, and we don't cook the books... At least not as bad!

  59. Ryan,

    That doesn't really help. When you are spending 67% more than you take in every year (and we are), you are screwed. Whether you "cook the books" and lie about it is beside the point.

    And paying our taxes is actually a point in Greece's favor. They can actually start collecting taxes to shrink their deficit. We could allow all of the Bush tax cuts to expire, even for the poor, plus impose radical socialist tax-the-rich schemes, and it STILL wouldn't be enough to close our deficit. That is how out of control our spending is.

  60. Wow W.C.,

    You have patience in trying to educate Ryan....

    Ryans type are sooo grossly mislead by watching MSNBC and Fox News that they have lost sight of the pinnacle issues that effect the foundation of our Country. Its by design and working quite well as you can see.

    the masses are like sheep and will gladly continue towards the cliff.

    Thanks for trying to educate them along the way. You have much more patience than I.

  61. We clearly have a fundamental disagreement on the state of the country. I agree that we need to reduce spending, and that the issue needs to be addressed expeditiously. If we do continue at this rate, there will be a cliff, however, I don't agree that we are recklessly careening toward our doom. Furthermore, the radical fiscal policy changes that Paul proposes would cause more problems that they would solve.

    I know its easy sitting on the fringe... sorry, outside of the mainstream, and only see sheep, but there are plenty of well-informed individuals who don't wholly subscribe to the Fox's of the world. When it comes to the economy (or any issue for the most part), I don't listen to any singular source/party as they rarely supply unbiased information. As far as educating me, thanks, but you're barking up the wrong tree...

  62. Ryan, Thats some ego you have....You immediately thought I was referring to you. You are obviously proven incapable of learning and you are soooo wrong, and you will be making excuses for your ignorance in a few years. And in our country you have the right to be wrong and talk about it.

  63. Anon,

    It is terribly egotistical to think that you were refering to me... right after mentioning me by name.

    Before we break down and just start calling each other stupid, let's not forget who has yet to make a coherent argument for their position (you), but continues to restate their case (just louder), and claim it is everyone else who is too dense to understand the reality of the situation.

    It is certainly a good thing that we have freedom of speech, even for those who are wrong... otherwise, I'd have no one to talk to! ;)

  64. "There is a heaven, for ever, day by day. The upward longing of my soul doth tell me so. There is a hell, I'm quite as sure; for pray, If there were not, where would my neighbors go?"
    --Paul Laurence Dunbar
    (June 27, 1872 – February 9, 1906) was an African American poet, novelist, and playwright

  65. Whelp.... I have to say I agree with Anon and find Ryan a bit naive. ( In my gentle voice)

  66. Not that it matters, but I agree with rob and ryan and I definitely disagree with Anon, with an uppercase A. He sounds like a bully.

    As far as Ron Paul, I appreciate his views on reducing military intervention overseas, and also Federal intervention in such failed policies as "War on Drugs," or "War on Terrorists." Those are both neverending wars, designed to support the hierarchy of a corrupt status quo.

    However, I do feel Ron Paul would NOT support the environment; I feel the EPA is vital. I don't feel certain issues, like healthcare, or environmental health, can be left up to the states.

    Ron Paul has no real chance of winning. He could conceivably be a spoiler, because many who did vote for Obama are disappointed in him, as in his not closing Guantanomo Bay, and his allowing killing of an American Citizen abroad, by drones, without any judicial process, and his support of certain HORRIBLE policies in the Patriot Act, which was enacted in fear, and which now allows indefinite detention, again, without judicial process.

    Once again, most people will be choosing between what we see as the "lessor of two evils." Although that's an exaggeration, for me; I don't consider Romney or Obama, or Ron Paul to be evil. I don't agree on Romney's stance on women's reproductive rights, or his position that those who make above $250,000 per year shouldn't have to pay their fair share, to RELINQUISH the wrongful tax breaks given to them under GW Bush. The tax breaks didn't work to stimulate the economy and to create jobs!

    1. Anons is voting for the same old stuff

  67. Term limits! Please. It is the only way to break the strangle hold of corruption on both sides of the isle. How about that you shall sign no other pledge but the one to your country. End the corrupted use of the filbuster as a way to obstruct congress. That's a good start.


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