Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grand Jury decides on Leucadia Flooding, Recommends Money Grab story: Grand Jury Critical Of Leucadia Storm Drainage

"The grand jury cited an engineering report that overhauling the drain system could cost as much as $42 million. The city's annual is of less than $60 million. Individual projects would range from $1 million to about $4.5 million, according to the report."

Is flooding a problem in Leucadia? Yes.

Will it take $42 million to fix? No.

Total scam. Be aware.

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  1. Perhaps the $20 million the city's spending to "beautify" the Leucadia portion of Coast Hwy. 101 could be better put to use dealing with the drainage problem.

    "Streetscape' will close one lane of the road, construct a series of circular traffic islands, impede emergency services to Leucadians west of 101 and is opposed by 81% of the residents in the adjacent neighborhoods.

    I would venture to guess that most Leucadians would prefer the money be spent to deal with the drainage problem - a decades-old critical issue the city has repeatedly ignored.

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  3. Bob-

    You are sooooo wrong.... there is NOT a big drainage problem in Leucadia…. Where the F do you live?-- Batiquitos Lagoon?

    We experienced the 3rd wettest winter on record a few years ago and no major flooding. Only a few puddles from week to week.

    How many people have died from speeding deadly traffic on that stretch of crap? Many.

    How many people have been hurt from puddles that last about 4 days along the side of the road?

    The current drainage system of allowing some puddling on the side of the road and letting it soak into the ground is better for the earth than rushing all the pollutants to the ocean. The engineers realized they were doing it wrong in the past 50 years and that how they built the nightmare called LA. Now they are redesigning property and roads to retain storm water on site. We are actually doing it right. Its called low impact development.

    The GJ joke ruling is pathetic and holds zero credibility, and so does your comment.

  4. Bob,
    I venture to guess you brought this to the gj's attention.

  5. If we don't build giant concrete drainage ditches all over our community then CHiPs will never film a high-speed chase episode here.

  6. Yeah, lets drag that crust buster out of retirement and make Leucadia famous.

  7. Those giant concrete canals would probably also be good for the skating culture and those crazy fools who "tarp surf." $42 million is a bargain. Let's carve it up.

  8. I vote for Bob, too. Don't know anyone that has advertised his ignorance so forcefully.

  9. Sometimes I forcefully agree with Chris, like this time..


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