Monday, July 23, 2012

Encinitas Ranch Golf Course 101

I'd post a link to the city's website for the whole video, but finding stuff on the city's website often is a pain in ass, at best. If you can find it post up a link and report back on how easy it was to find it.

For now this set of videos is going to turn out be very interesting to study as we see what happens at the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course (ERGA).

Here is Chris Calkins from Carltas being more forthright or wiser than city staff:

Wow, that's cool. The city can walk away from the golf course. Can the city council dissolve the joint powers authority at will?

Here are how the funds are set up and how the profits were to be shared. It wasn't some dumb mistake that a long-term contingency fund was not included.

The private developer of the Golf Course was "Scared to Death" that the golf course wouldn't be profitable.

Corporations love to "partner" with government.

Jim, did it turn out to be true in the years the golf course didn't make money that Carltas would step up and cut a check?


  1. The golf course has been cooking their books and it smells so sweet. They should sell some of that at the snack bar. They will make a ton on great tasting empty calorie snacks that will eventually give you a heart attack.

    Smell it, but don't swallow.

    Ground zero for disingenuous behavior!

  2. Another great corporate agreement. No risk, and all the reward. We profit... we keep the profit..... we get in debt, the City is on the hook for bailing us out.....

    Same old thing..... more bailouts for the top 1% at the expense of the tax paying former middle class 30%.

  3. Tell ten people today---- "DUMP STOCKS!"

    He is consistently bad for Encinitas's Future.


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