Sunday, August 19, 2012

Art Walk 2012 is Sunday August, 26th


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  2. I was researching sign code in Encinitas Municipal Code. It appears to me that if an applicants request for a permit is not approved or addressed within seven days of his applying for a sign permit, then its CONSIDERED APPROVED!

    Did those involved in putting out the word on Artwalk apply for a permit to hang signs promoting it? I hope so!

    The code currently listed on the city's website should still be valid, and Planning shouldn't be able to refuse to accept an application! Someone should speak about this during oral communications at Wednesday's Council Meeting!

    Usually the Artwalk banners are up for about a month, with Fred's fine work.
    Now, thanks to our mayors obsession about a previous colleagues image on an arts banner, the advertising has been limited. It was his influence that got the permit reje ted for Maggies memorial. This will hurt all the artist, the businesses and the overall event. How much is a guess. The banners spread the word to thousands that drove by and there were far more attractive than what we have now.
    Go on Wed.. Call a newspaper. Tell a neighbor or friend. Stocks will try to eliminate public access
    to the light poles.
    Stop him on Wednesday and Dump Stocks in November.

  4. Apparently there is an Agenda Item, #10, the LAST one on the agenda, of course, with Council Considering a four month DELAYED report by Glenn Sabine's partner, Randal Morrison, "Special Counsel" on sign law.

    So people can speak, at the tail end of the meeting, for three minutes each, but with time donations. You could watch the Council Meeting on the web, or on Cox cable, and drive to City Hall for the last item.

    Current code was illegally suspended by Stocks' BOGUS condition to Mark Muir's motion to remove the blue stickers from Maggie's image on the back of the Arts Alive Banners. Muir also said current code should be reviewed and updated. But Stocks was the one who IMPROPERLY SUSPENDED current law, so he could try to figure out how to limit our Constitutional rights of free speech!

  5. Spread the word to 5 voters you know in Encinitas today. DUMP STOCKS - He is Rotten for Encinita's Future! Its time to take out the TRASH!!!

  6. If you want to dump Stocks, you better have everyone agree on who to vote for.

    If you split the opposition six ways, it's going to be Stocks-Muir-Forrester in a landslide.

  7. Thanks for the kudos, Ann. But Kevin Doyle of deepFling did the awesome graphics fot he LeucadiART WALK banners. I just did the legs (inspired by the leg lamp in A Christmas Story).

  8. Fred-You are way too modest. You have been an inspiring force behind the Leucadia Art Walk for as long as I can remember. Hopefully next year the signs will be up. In the meantime, I hope enough citizens get the message in other ways and show up. I will be there for sure.

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  10. The new winery opening in Leucadia won't be serving wine alongside Stone's beer at the beverage tent? What a squandered opportunity.


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