Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Better property values?

... But more runoff?


  1. Worse property values. Engineering standard conditions of approval are so far off from helping Encinitas. Both Planning and Engineering need to open their eyes and go see what Del Mar and other nice Cities are doing during development applications! Our geeks are clueless.

  2. It would help if when we hire engineers or planning staff, well, any department personnel within the City, open hiring practices were used, so that individuals weren't just appointed from "within the ranks." Too much discretion is given to the Dept. Heads and now, the City Manager, through changes in Encinitas Municipal Code at this past Wednesday's Council Meeting.

    EMC could better INCLUDE standards for open hiring and credential requirements, also requiring any candidate to fill out an application and to provide a resume'. Patrick Murphy has said he has never said he has a graduate degree, and that he never has "applied" for a job in Encinitas!

    Planning and Engineering do seem clueless, to me. Senior Planner, Diane Langager, for instance started out as a receptionist for the Planning Dept., right? I don't believe she had any Public Planning education? Maybe's she's taken a few classes now? Who knows?

    Jennifer Smith, now working, and back on CALPERS, no doubt, was formerly an assistant to Kerry Miller. She was promoted to Finance Director without an advanced degree, or a degree in Finance, am I correct? She took a nine month well-paid leave for "stress"(during her pregnancy?) then resigned and took a job closer to her home with Glenn Sabine, somewhere in or near La Mesa, where Sabine is also a bogus City Attorney, there.

    The City could and should tighten up EMC to include more specifics about credentials and open recruiting, outside of friends and family, not just promoting from "within," which is at the heart of the Crony system that's been going on . . . and on.


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