Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Functional Signage Very Symbolic

Cities like Santa Rosa and Solana Beach make a big effort to avoid sneaking up on the public. Public projects/discretionary projects/large projects that will impact neighboring properties (e.g. storm water runoff, parking...) are given a good public review. Interested parties are aware and ensure that nobody cheats or gets special favors that cost neighbors or the public. The simple act of requiring sincere signage goes a long way.

All too often people in Encinitas are first alerted to some sketchy project when the building starts. Just as often that's how people find out that they live next to a lot zoned high density or commercial. In that case, they blew it by not checking the zoning before moving in.


  1. Why check the zoning?

    Stocks/Muir/Gaspar will just upzone your neighbors anyway.

  2. Upzoning will allow Jerome Stocks to increase pensions yet another 35% and get people retiring from there city jobs at 120% of their highest paid year at 45 years of age. Watch what council members get. Watch Jerome Stocks. Knowing that slime, he will stay a council member and then get some slimly council to appoint him City Manager, so he can boost his highest paid year in PERS and retire a BIG FAT CAT on the PERS system. Watch!

  3. Without massive inflation, how can we pay for the city's current debts, mostly retiree, without lots of upzoning?

  4. Apathtic voters let the crooks run rampant with the city coffers. "Public servants" - burglars is more like it.

  5. Are we comparing to the likes of http://imgur.com/a/A7fUj ? Did they use disappearing ink? Why are there no links to the design documents?

  6. Are you reasonably afraid that the super majority can do whatever they want, without any input from the community?

    Do something about it. Escondito has.


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