Friday, August 03, 2012

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  1. Welcome to Mission Beach North.

    Hope you like meth-heads, no parking, and late night loud drunks.

    Thanks Jerome!

  2. Is that Mission Beach? It looks like TJ Architecture. Wow Thanks Planning Commision and Jerome Stocks! You sure are doing wonders for Encinitas. Puke!

  3. Jack S,

    Those houses provide one more type of option for people. You don't have to move there.

  4. They tore down 11 low income rentals small rentals and doubled the occupancy. The parking was already a problem now it's going to be out of control. The project just doesn't fit in the old neighborhood theres no room for plants of any size and the houses dwarf the neighbors. I won't get into the color scheme but the development is known as The Projects

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  6. Well Randy,

    Interesting perspective.

    Why did we even incorporate as a City?

    I thought the whole goal was to promote a beach community with a nicer quality of life. I didn't think the objective was to create a slum near the ocean.

    Why have a planning commission or council except maybe to give a false perception? Why not approve all shanty developments and cardboard box multi-squating homes like trench town. Should we approve some tent camps in Olivenhain?

    As 1 eye Mike said, the development is really bad for the surrounding community and has a negative effect on the areas values, property taxes and City Revenue. They didn't include enough parking so it will burden the surrounding neighbors, the architectures could not be worse and there is zero space for a tree, and the development created a massive net storm drain runoff for the surrounding neighbors to deal with, and all the fine negative impacts that W.C mentions.

    Please name one thing that the development did to better the community. All the recent surrounding remodels and new developments on Hermes and Hygiea are amazing and improved the area. This one is a dump and Jed Stanley, the planning commission, and council are the ones responsible. This one ranks with the section 8 on Vulcan and the garbage behind La Especial Norte.

    Again if the goal is to create a trench-town and get low rents like oceanside and let developers profit from Encinitas positive qualities while building CRAP, your council is doing a great job. If the goal is to improve quality of life, our current council receives a HUGE F. They clearly lack positive vision.

    What do you think?

  7. We incorporated so we could keep the option of living in a chill suburban beach town alive.

    The OPTION of high density, new urbanist, or "walkable" is widely available within 10, 15, and 35 minutes of Encinitas already, with pockets of that right here in Encinitas.

    What they are doing is about taking away our option to live in a place we love. A place we choose to live. This is a place where many environmentalists choose to set their roots.

    Too much cool-aid drinking religion-like blindness has handed the keys of our city over to the land speculators.

    Thanks a lot mom!

  8. In dollars, two-thirds of Mayor Stocks' campaign contributions in 2008 came from the following sources: developers, builders, realtors, land-use planners, attorneys, investment firms and PACs. In addition, two-thirds came from outside Encinitas. Connect the dots.

  9. It is unfortunate that in every new development in Leucadia, the houses are literally squeezed in on top of each other. The Tyvek Estates have small yards, yet seem spacious when compared to this and others. Anyone know if the places are selling?

  10. Nope... they all go back to the government owned banks and end up on your liability column.

  11. I'm not a fan of these developments, but I like to play devil's advocate:

    Would we have the same attitude if a small condo complex went in there instead of houses? What's the difference? What if all the owners of the previous 11 rentals decided they wanted to add a 2nd story? Would they have been rightfully allowed to do so?

    These houses look nicer than most of the other dumps on Hermes. "The Projects" - ha! So what do you call the barrio 4 blocks north on the same street?

  12. rob,

    Generally cities have zoning ratios of the amount of square footage of house you can have per square footage of land.

    That ratio is sometimes called the "Misery Index" -- i.e. the more house and less yard you have, the more miserable you are.

    I don't know if there were actually 11 small rentals on the 1-acre property. It may have been zoned R-10 (ten tiny lots per acre), and they may have gotten a density bonus to take it to 11, but sane zoning rules would have required the houses to be tiny like the lots. It's hard to imagine these monstrosities being acceptable under any zoning plan.

    I'm a property rights absolutist, but property rights are what you have when you buy the land. You don't have a right to bro-deal upzoning from your buddies on the council.

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  14. W.C. is spot on. We call the Barrio the Barrio.

Prime target for a developer to buy, strip and clean up for nicer architecture, nicer living and maybe affordable condos

  15. So what is Encinitas's "misery index"? What nearby city has a more appropriate one and what is it? What are the factors in determining this ratio?

    Is there evidence that this land was rezoned, especially via a "bro-deal"?

    "for a developer to buy, strip and clean up for nicer architecture, nicer living and maybe affordable condos"

    Haaaa ha ha ha ha ha. Good one!

  16. The barrio looks nicer than the puke that was recently built. The old small units there before looked much better and had much less negative impact on the surrounding community.

    Rob, Too bad you don't care about the surrounding neighbors.

  17. Rob, Too bad you don't care about the surrounding neighbors.
    ole encinitas, what makes you say that?


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