Thursday, August 23, 2012

More EDCO Casualties?

From the Inbox:

On trash day, this classic car (which needs a new paint job) was hit by a tall vehicle. It was on a street with very little traffic, near a tight corner where trucks have a hard time turning without hitting parked cars.

The height and seperation of the dents match up with EDCO trash trucks (the front rail and foot ladder).

According to the Encinitas resident who sent this, EDCO is unwilling to take responsibility for the damage without an eyewitness to the crash. The crash was a hit and run. Most people are happy with EDCO. Most people in neighboring cities are happy with their trash hauler, too.

Could we be happier with another hauler? Could we get a better a deal and reduce the high cost of living in Encinitas with a competitor? We won't know if the city never puts the trash franchise out for competitive proposals.

The only time perpetuity applies in Encinitas is when it comes to trash hauling contracts.


  1. Not on subject, but...Ecke has sold his flower business to a European concern. The 68 acres of the ranch will be rezoned by a development friendly city council and will not be in agriculture in perpetuity (as Ecke promised). Promises from these people are like the morning fog - they burn off very fast.

  2. And here come the houses to the Pacific View School site also - the art sale was a front to get past the activists.

  3. All you can do is watch the zoning and encourage others to get active and vote. The land will be developed. Its just a matter of Density and cheap ass architecture. Encinitas is going in the wrong direction, they need to learn from del mar. If you want to look like Oceanside, stay with status quo. If you want to look like ole Encinitas and go forward like Solana Beach---- Dump the special interest and DUMP STOCKS!!!

  4. I guess that if my car needed a new paint job I might park it "near a tight corner where trucks have a hard time turning without hitting parked cars" on garbage day, rather than in my garage. I might have set up a camera to catch the action though.

  5. Good point, Bart. Why did the owner park their "classic" car in such a risky place.

    Additionally, if that is the case LB, why jump to the conclusion that EDCO did it & start asking if we should use a different trash hauler?

  6. Rob, that's why those details were included in the story.

    The marks on the car appear to match the EDCO truck. It doesn't sound like EDCO denied that.

    Parking on the street is riskier than in a garage, just about everywhere. It appears, more so in this case. When you live in a high density hood you often have little options on where you can park your car. His older house has no driveway or garage.

    Yes, the owner of the car indicated that the streets are narrow. Not sure if that means its okay to dent someone else's car and drive off.

    Most people don't blame victims when they did something that elevated their risk. A young woman who drinks too much puts herself at greater risk of being...


    I don't think THIS case should mean we need a different hauler. It is reminder that during the next 100 years it would be party and fireworks worthy if the trash hauler contract was put out competition?

    Rob, should EDCO, a private company, get the Encinitas trash monopoly without ever having to subject to any sort of competition?

  7. It's obviously not OK to hit & run, & your comparison is not fair by any stretch, not to mention offensive. I'm not blaming the owner, but when he cites that specific risk, it makes one wonder.

    My point: this story sounds fishy, and isn't a logical jumping point to launch into a discussion about trash hauling monopolies. That's all, no big deal.

    I'm against monopolies. However, I am unfamiliar with EDCO's contract, whether there are alternatives, whether anyone has asked to bid for the contract, etc.

  8. Rob,

    you sound like a puss on this one. My God.... you got offended by that comment. Man- YOU are a big PUSS! I hope that offended you. Probably not, because you already knew that.

    Grow some or go home and cry!


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