Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Most Dangerous Jobs

Some of these peoples' discretionary incomes are entirely too low.

 From the HP.


  1. Notice Fire Chief isn't among them.. Mark Muir apparently spent his career on lunch break - now has $178K/year for fast food snacks as he leads the City of Encinitas down into the dumps with $tock$.

    Dump them both!

  2. Actually, being a 350 pound fire chief probably has a pretty high mortality rate.

  3. Yea - you're right. That old ticker is straining - needs a new pumper. Maybe $tock$ can add that to the budget.

  4. I thought the bus was cool.

    I wonder why no one from Leucadia 101 Merchants Association was at the City Council Meeting on 8/22, when, despite Barth's motion, and Muir's support to lift the "ban" on banners pending enactment of new sign law, the artists and art supporters were NOT allowed to put up banners promoting the Artwalk?

    Muir's stating, on the record, that he supported ending the "moratorium" on allowing banners should have been treated as a second to Barth's motion. Once again, Mayor Stocks was out of order in not asking if that was a second, and instead, pushing Council to ignore the concerns of the community. Danny Salzhandler of the Artists' Colony WAS present, and so was a representative of DEMA, asking Council to lift the banner ban.

    Anton Geschler, a lawyer and member of Leucadia 101 Merchants had enough time to write a long puff-piece promoting himself and his business, and dissing longtime Leucadia residents and business owners, in the Coast News. But neither he, nor anyone else from Leucadia 101 Merchants came to the Council Meeting to actually support the artists and all of our freedoms of speech, our rights to due process of law.

    Geschler's piece talks about the Surfing Madonna, which everyone I know appreciates and supports. Its placement is beneficial for the merchants, and the artist, as well as our community. However, the fliers with the map, re the Artwalk looked as though it was clip art? I'm not sure about that, but I would have loved to have seen the Surfing Madona spotlighted. When I walked by Ipe' Cafe, there was a big red umbrella blocking the view of the Surfing Madonna. It wasn't given proper attention or respect, in my opinion.

  5. Cops have a tough thankless job. Fire princesses have a cushy fun job where your paid to workout, sleep, eat, BS, shop, read novels, run, and watch movies.

    Which one is way overpaid and doesn't deserve a big pension?

  6. I wanna see the graph of people who do deserve big pensions.

  7. It would be a graph of one in my opinion. Cops.

  8. It was a fireman who ran after and caught the theif who stabbed me. It was a cop who falsified a forensic hair test result to arrest my sister for murder. Not saying all cops are bad or all firemen are good. Just a perspective addressing blanket statements.

  9. I couldn't figure out why the U.S. Post Office is losing 40 million bucks a day. Ebay alone has to have doubled parcels in the last 10 years. Then a guy in line at the PO told me. Pensions.

  10. Pensions - the City of Encinitas is sinking in that fiscal sunset. Recently it was disclosed that only 5 mid-level city bureaucrats who have retired are pulling over $500,000/yr in pensions - and these retiree numbers are increasing. $tock$ and his ilk have made it an open account for benefits for the "public" sector - the elctorate is asleep, so continue the looting and pillaging of the coffers!

  11. Because the USPS has been required to overpay its pension obligations and Congress has not acted to bring into equilibrium http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/federal-eye/post/postal-service-federal-pension-contributions-105-percent-overfunded/2012/06/25/gJQAXrva2V_blog.html

  12. louwood,

    Or maybe not.

    The "overfunding" thing is a propaganda campaign by the USPS to divert attention from the fact that they are losing money every year and have no viable business plan.

  13. When your a real fireman in places like New York, Chicago, Houston, Detroit, Los Angles and other major metropolitan areas the morality rate, injury rate, long term toxic exposure and stress are documented much higher.

    These real firemen risk their lives regularly and have very short retirements due to the exposure. High cancer rates and chronic respiratory problems as well as cardiac and debilitating injuries such as back, shoulder, hip and knee problems.

    Encinitas firemen have some of the best benefits, pay and retirement in the country. It use to be a "stepping stone" for "want to be" firemen. Some place to get your foot in the door in the fire service and then move on to the big cities where you learned how to be a real fireman and also receive better pay and benefits.

    Now places like Encinitas have become a destination spot purely due to pay, benefits and a cushy work locations.

    They do risk becoming fat and happy. Just look at Muir

  14. Wantab has a good point. All the fire princesses really do in Encinitas is look at the surf breaks, go help an old lady to the emergency room, Work out, go shopping, give a school group and MILFs a tour of the overbuilt $5million dollar building robbing other projects and the tax payers, sleep, BBQ, and watch the big screen. Oh yeah, once a year there is a garage fire which they get to in 5 to 10 minutes, depending what on the BBQ or where they are in their workout.

  15. What @ louwood said is absolutely true. The USPS pension is treated like NOTHING else in the nation currently. If you want to be a conspiracy theorist, you can easily make the case that conservatives/libertarians want to bankrupt the USPS so they can make it all private businesses. (As if we don't already have private options.)

    As far as pensions go, the substantial problem for virtually all of them isn't so much the payout (but yes, there are abuses), but the fact that laws have been constantly changed to allow politicians to consistently underfund them.

    If cities and states were REQUIRED to constantly fund the pensions every budget, there would be no "looming crisis" for any of them. If there were issues and/or abuses, they'd be forced to deal with them then, and not pass the buck to someone else ten years down the line.

    Sorry for the rant.

  16. haydesigner,

    It is true that the USPS pension is in a unique position because of the transition from a government agency to a quasi-independent, supposedly self-sufficient enterprise.

    But even if we allowed the USPS to renege on its pension obligations, which would require a taxpayer bailout down the road, that still doesn't make the USPS solvent.

    EVEN CONCEDING the alleged pension overfunding, the USPS still loses money every year and still has no viable business plan.

    As I said, the pension kerfuffle is a convenient red herring for the USPS and its unions to distract from the fact that it is a broken business model.


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