Wednesday, August 15, 2012

National Context


  1. If you vote for Romney or Obama, YOU are part of the problem!

  2. Haha! Far better to stand on the sidelines and say "I told you so." Much easier than actually doing something...

  3. Who said ole encinitas was siting on the sidelines?

  4. I feel a Ron Paul diatribe coming...

  5. Its all been said. I pity the fool who goes to war for oil rights so a nation can enjoy artificially low gas prices.

    I pity the fool who values low oil prices over the education of our youth.

    I pity the fool that can't think for themselves what is best for their own soul and their own family.

    Why fear a more balanced life in more harmony with mother earth?

    Why fear peace?

    Why fear a force that will destroy your City and mine and make us all in debt to the City Employees pensions as the City can not afford the operations and maintenance cost on the HUGE Hall Regional Sports Park put us in debt in perpetuity OR any other project in the city.

    Sad but true. Solution- DUMP STOCKS!!!!!!!!

  6. Ryan,

    Hopefully you have some ability for logic. At this point you know you are on the wrong path as is Jerome Stocks.

    If not, you will see the light when the flash light is put straight in your eyes.

    The issue is the corrupt ways which is not good for our families. You and Jerome Stocks attitude of lets keep status quo and give the employees 100% pay in retirement at 40 years old after 5 years of work ---- is probably not sitting well with the tax payers that need to support these welfare queens. Just saying... IN the end crooks will pay...... its plain karma..... in the end Jerome Stocks will go to prison and his kids will pay dearly through their life to understand why Daddy did what he did?


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