Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ruthless Report - August 2012

We try hard to keep up with what's happening around town, but sometimes we're just skating to get a burrito, we turn a corner and suddenly there's 40 people checking out art in a nameless building just north of Le Papagayo. We stop in for a brew and view.  This is reason #867 why we love Leucadia.

Inside there are a number of paintings from various artists and a photo exhibit from the ever eclectic pro skater/actor/comedian Jason Lee. The proprietors of this unnamed gallery are a bit clandestine about their whole project, but we are glad to learn that it will not rely solely on selling art to exist. The proprietors are reluctantly glad to learn from us that they should be open this Sunday for Artwalk...

'Don't be cheap you bastard, buy some art' go the lyrics to this song by Jenk's Band, scheduled to play Artwalk from 11am-1:30pm at the Leucadia Glass stage. For a full schedule of Artwalk music, please visit the Ruthless Hippies Blog. If you are an unabashed cheap bastard, you can still follow us and like us on facebook. Like most of the events we get the word out on, it costs you nothing. We are unabashed self-promoters.

And on to the boring stuff you all love...

We attended the city council meeting last night. Here are some highlights:

-Encinitas will put off applying for the Beacon Award which measures a city's progress towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It won't cost the city much in the way of time or effort to apply and it's part of the Environmental Action Plan--but hey--there's no deadline to apply so we're going to chill on that one for a bit.  

-Leucadia's flooding issues will remain an issue. We can either micro-bore our excess rainfall right over the bluff and into the ocean (a method council member Bond has championed since the early 90's, but which is not cool with his 'friends in the environmental community'), spend nearly 30 million on railroad grade separation or just send out some workers to pump it over the bluffs each time it rains heavily (our current solution).     

-The guy who started the Rock n Roll Marathon wants to create a major 10 mile run event on a Sunday this coming February. The event will go from the Del Mar Fair grounds to the Cardiff Kook and back.  The council majority is stoked, while council member Barth feels that more community input is needed before considering such a major event that will shut down the 101.

-The council voted unanimously to draft new rules for private groups applying for temporary permits to display banners on city property. The new rules will aim to give the city control over content while placing the city at a low risk of being sued, should it choose to censor content. Danny Salzhandler of the 101 Artist Colony will be invited in on the subcommittee to create these ordinances. Council member Barth could not get a second amen to bring a motion to vote on lifting the temporary moratorium on banner applications. This moratorium has prevented both Leucadia Artwalk and Summer Fun on the 101 from displaying their banner ads on public property. The ban on banner applications remains and will not be lifted until the new rules governing content are in place. 

This has been your Ruthless Report for August 2012. There's so much more we'd like to say, but we won't.


  1. Good report, but on the banners, the Council did NOT lift the moratorium. They voted to create a subcommittee to figure out some rules. Nobody can apply for a banner permit until a new ordinance is approved. Stay tuned

  2. Don't come to art walk in a car or bus.

    Walk to art "walk" or else the U.N. commandos will slash your tires.

  3. Thanks. Edited for improved accuracy.

  4. Regarding Storm Drainage- Bond thoughts are moronic. His education and experience is from a midlevel manager at a phone company shows..... Please. He is clueless.

    Draining polluted storm water to Beacons is a crime. Its natural historic drainage pattern is to drain to the brackish area near Ponto where nature help cleans the water prior to mixing and draining with the rest of the Batiquitos watershed and eventually mixing back into the ocean.

    Creating a new unnatural pollution point source at Beacons where Family with young children play is criminal and just plain stupid for the good of Encinitas.

    The City is lucky it hasn't been sued yet. But let this be their warning, plan for the water to drain to its historic pattern. Further criminal actions of draining pollutants on beach that is the playground for children will not be tolerate and will get the City sued costing the taxpayers MILLIONS.

    Why are you POLLUTING our local beach?!!!

    Their are plenty of Environmental Attorneys ready to make an easy buck. If the City doesn't straight up its act, I will be calling one.

    What fricken morons we have leading our City.

  5. That 10 mile race includes 20 bands along the race route and a headliner band at the end when the runners return to the track. Similar to Rock n Roll Marathon.

  6. btw what do you think about this revamp of Moonlight beach?

  7. The City better have really good records for why they initiated the pumps to pump all the pollutants to the family beach instead of continueing on its natural historic pattern. We will be checking shortly. Bond Suck and DUMP STOCKS!

  8. Another correction, Councilmember Mark Muir SAID HE SUPPORTED LIFTING THE BAN on applications for banner permits, temporary signs in the public right of way.

    Instead of asking, IS THAT A SECOND (to Teresa Barth's motion to lift the "moratorium"), Stocks again bullied the conversation, dominating by taking command (he is our mayor, unfortunately) and stifled that vote by appointing Bond (clueless) and Muir as a subcommittee to study "special counsel's" report, which already took FOUR MONTHS to be presented to Council.

    This subcommittee is just another way to further delay lifting the ban, and for Stocks to try to shift the blame for his own actions, which are those of a bully, PLUS being illegal, to the community.

    I also agree with Jen, re the storm drainage issue. I had to leave the Council Meeting early, could only stay for oral communications. But my speaking to those issues probably wouldn't have helped. Stocks and Gaspar seem to know what they're going to do ahead of time, and Bond will go along with whatever the majority wants, now.

  9. Thanks Ruthless Reporter.

    How about a weekly report? There will be lots to report on during the campaign foe city council.


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