Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sand update 2012


  1. That pic is worth any update of a thousand great words.

  2. Most sand since the 1970s at Pipes. How is that possible without artificial sand replenishment?

  3. When i read "what happened to the sand?" letters, about beaches closer to Oceanside where the results of sand replenishment is apparently disappointing to some, I have figured it's been getting washed out and down to more southern beaches like Pipes, where it seems the sand levels have risen a few inches every year.

  4. I heard we're getting more sand soon from the Batiquitos before the end of the year. When they dredged it a decade ago, it made an incredible replenishment of sand on the coast. And the sand felt smooth as silk. Not that heavy duty kind they imported for Moonlight Beach from some sand paper company - or the filthy kind they dumped on south CBad from developers after a nearby mountain was terraced.


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