Monday, September 24, 2012

Also on the agenda

A proposal that will increase Encinitas City Manager Gus Vina's salary by 3 percent to offset his additional pension expenses is set for a vote at Wednesday night's City Council meeting. NCT


  1. Ask Muir how many hundreds of thousands of dollars Jerome Stocks 2005 pension vote was for him. He gets at least an additional $30,000 per year from Jerome's corrupt ways. Man that dude stinks. Why doesn't the paper do an article about the crooked ways of Jerome Stocks. Oh yeah, the worthless papers were bought by a crooked Manchester.... This country is really starting to reek with corruption.

  2. I don't know how anyone can live on $200k per year.

    We should give him a 300% raise.

  3. If he could make all pensions reasonable, a 300% raise would be a bargain.

  4. As a city, we should be very embarrassed. Also on the agenda, we are creating a new city policy that would prohibit citizens from honoring any future council member for their service to the city after their death, on public banners.
    All this waste of time and money and energy because Our Mayor felt he needed to use his elected power to stop anyone from honoring Maggie Houlihan. This is not about anything other than that. He used his powers, that we gave him, to keep the city hall from flying the flag at half-mast to honor her. He is the only person who had the power and gall to have the city deny the park permit that friends, family and supporters requested for Maggie Houlihan’s Memorial.
    Mr. Stocks and the majority has attempted to change history and claim that this was to protect the city from nuisance law suits. Council Member Bond chose to call these individuals that were threatening a lawsuit. JERKS. Mayor Stocks was recorded grinning at Bond’s assertion. So would that make Mrs. Bond a jerk if she and supporters wished to honor Mr. Bond if he were to die while serving his city?
    This action is because the city attempted to keep Maggie Houlihan’s image off arts banners. They claimed she was a political figure. Council Member Gaspar used the example of her promoting her non-profit prior to an election on city banners.
    Maggie Houlihan was deceased and she was not running for office.

    The city of Encinitas has had the same political profile of council members for over a decade. We now have a super majority that can do whatever they want without the citizens being able to do anything. There has been no balance or representation of both sides. It is time for a change. End the strangle hold that this one side has had on our city. End the vile hate and unfairness.
    Give the rest of the city an opportunity to be heard.
    Dump Stocks, Bond and Muir.
    Elect Schaffer and Krantz.

  5. One is a body without a brain. Bond has theoretically been dead for a couple of years. Its time to unplug.

  6. Yesterday, his Imperial Regional Emperor, Mayor Jerome Stocks, declared democracy too inefficient
    and time consuming. Faced with a large amount of speakers on two issues, his Imperial Regional
    Emperor exercised his benevolent wisdom and unilaterally appointed leaders within speaking groups,
    reduced or increased speaking times, and cut off those speakers that were just wasting time. Like the
    ancient leader Alexander when faced with the Gordian Knot, the Emperor cut through annoying City
    procedure, common courtesy, and useless opinions so that the City Council would not have to face an
    extra long meeting. His Imperial Regional Emperor knows what you are thinking and knows what is
    good for you. He is there to help whether you know you need it or not. I do believe the rumors of the
    Mayor's office being made hereditary and the construction of a bejeweled crown for his Imperial
    Regional Emperor to be incorrect. Please get in line.

  7. Get in Line or be spanked.... my biggest problem is if you look at how hard Jerry has aged in the last 12 years..... I don't think anyone will want to run for Council. Lets just say it,,,,, "that dude looks like shit"... I don't think even if elected he will make it another 8 years. Is it being on council or is it Jerome gulping down doritos at night after a council meeting.

  8. Z... first mayor of Encinitas elected by my people...

    I am Zerome Stockz.. the magnificent....look at how much weight I can carry!.... look at the cool old suites I still wear!!!!!!..... look into my eyes, not at my wrinkles, and see my wisdom.... I am great... just ask me......

    Vote for me and I won't be sorry!

  9. I pulled the increase in Gus Vina's compensation from the Consent Calendar. Only I and one other person spoke on this matter. Council voted unanimously to give him his raise, which negates the effect of making him have to pay a fair share of his pension benefits, instead of the City footing that . . . The excuse was that the "unrepresented miscellaneous employees" had received the same deal, and the City Manager's contract was tied to theirs.

    Well, the unrepresented employees shouldn't have gotten a raise either. It's just juggling, trying to make it look as though they are doing something about pension reform, when the City is giving raises to compensate for any benefit payments staff might have to pick up!

    With respect to Stocks' unilateral decision to go against the written policy on the Agenda, Council should have had to vote to change the rules. He just took it upon himself to do so, without any discussion. Typical bullying, and Council LETS HIM CONTINUE TO DO THIS, WEEK AFTER WEEK!


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