Sunday, September 02, 2012

More Choices for Leucadians

This morning just past 7am, Starbuck parking lot was almost full, except for the clean air parking spots. Starbucks is all about sustainability.


  1. Spend your money locally and support local home grown business over corporate America..... support Coffee Coffee and Pannikan.

  2. Ha! They gave Jerome his own parking spot!

    Does Mark Muir have handicapped tags?

  3. Less choices is more like it.

    More choices for the sheeple is more like it.

    Star$ucks oversaturates a market and chokes out all the local shops.

    The real choice to be was cafe ipe' last night! Great show!

    Support your local coffee shop.

    Star$ucks blows!

  4. Don't forget "Quick Fix" coffee shops near I-5 and Encinitas Blvd and near I-5 and Santa Fe. Locally owned and operated, drive through convenience, excellent coffee.

  5. Not truly sustainable! I don't see a bike rack on the picture.
    I bet my gas guzzling SUV would fit nicely in one of these 2 spots.

  6. Whoopie.

    Now, Leucadia's just like 20,000 other towns, airports and college campuses - privileged to have its own Starbucks.

    We have 100 independently-owned, unique businesses on Hwy. 101 - and the off-freeway entrance is a Starbucks and two dangerous little neighborhood circles.

    Hey! Maybe if we pray hard enough, we could get a Banana Republic! Or, how about North Face and Patagonia - sustainability for wealthy status-seekers.

    Panniken's would make a great Dunki' Donuts - and I hear their coffee is quite good. Wait! Cafe Ipe could be a Cinnabon!

    Fits perfectly with the way city's Streetscam project will "Disney-fy" Leucadia 101. Now that we're going look just like 1000+ Streetscam clones, Starbucks is like Betty Crocker frosting on a Sara Lee cake.

    If I recall correctly, the Leucadia Blog also lauded our good fortune in getting a second 7/11 - just as many as Cardiff has!

  7. We can count our blessings our seldom unanimous hand full of council members rejected Redevelopment TWICE on our edge of Paradise. But the threat of Leucadia becoming the mile long Buffums (that a former City Manager secretly wanted) would have been an expensive and failed venture - like the work/live lofts that don't sell - where few who work there live there and few who live there work there - (but most who may, can't park there). We can also be glad we have a vastly improved drainage system - along with new development requirements mitigating runoff with sumps (regardless of what misinformation was recently trickled to a grand jury - and just WHO the hell did that? I'm getting the transcripts.) And for cryin out loud, the traffic circles are not unsafe but reduce accidents at intersections while improving traffic flow. They also eliminate needless stopping and reduce poisonous exhaust emissions from idling and accelerating gas engines. Change is inevitable, and few are more leery of it than I, but with the proper public input it received I believe the approved Streetscape will exceed our expectations and at the same time eliminate decay. Walt Disney wanted to recreate the Victorian kind of Main Street of his childhood for Disneyland, and he not only did a fantastic job on it that is perfectly preserved 60 years later, but it will be a bad hair day for Loreal when a developer tears down the Penny Arcade for a condo project or a hideous corporate 7-11 remodel (like they did to the inside of the former Mobilmart gas station here. At least they kept the outdoor mural). Water finds it's own level and lucky for us most of the time, corporate businesses learn they don't fare well on our portion of one-sided 101. They've proved that with a 7-11, a Right Stop, a Mobilmart, a Papa John's (3rd largest take-out pizza in US), a Lavicio's and a Subway. The demographics of a Starbucks at the freeway off-ramp will have no effect on the long line at the Pannikin, etc. (and that's the way that Pannikin is spelled BTW so learn it already). I would venture to say most of the new Starbucks customers will be commuters making a pit stop to destinations south. But time will tell. So could a nosy person with a lot of time on his or her hands.

  8. Oh yeah, we have 235 unique businesses here.

  9. Hi Bob,

    Layoff the sauce when you drive and the roundabouts are easy to drive through. All you do is yield to the person on the left. They are much better than signals. Signals waste life by staring at a red light when its perfectly clear to proceed with caution.

    When you look at the traffic backups on Leucadia Blvd., they are always at the Vulcan/Hwy101 debacle
    or at the I5 debacle. They intersections with Roundabouts work perfectly and are so much safer, more efficient, better looking and better for our mother earth.

    The only ones that don't like roundabout are drunks and retards, which are you?

  10. PS. Starbucks is crammed today and there's still a 30' line at the Pannikin.

  11. Are there special parking spaces for "hot air"?

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  13. Nice sign at the park, Bob! Had to laugh today driving by it and went back to take some pics. What's wrong with making Leucadia look like a wonderful world of color and be safer? The park and surrounding area have never looked better. Oh yeah, "the businesses on 101 aren't worth it" - I forgot that argument for a minute.

  14. Sure WC. email me


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