Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cardiff TC Council Encinitas Candidate Forum Play-by-Play

We got several kooky correspondents in the Cardiff town hall tonight, for the Encinitas city council candidates forum.

Opening bids:
Bryan Ziegler and Peter Schuh are Eastwooding...

Dig the Brophy pony tail...

Uh oh, Kevin Forrester Eastwooding too...

Brophy big on Encinitas Ranch Golf Course scam...

Emphatically said in response to question that he never sent out hit pieces or slate mailers in 2010....

CN: Uh oh what about the Lincoln club mailer?

Women's Christian Temperance Union is packing the forum with multiple questions on downtown bars

vt: Don't we need more bars to pay for the better-than-in-the-private-sector pensions and salaries?

More later or in the comments.

What about the multi-million dollar give away on the Mossey dealership? The 35% retroactive pension spike that's not fully being paid for? What about lying to the public about getting behind on road maintenance and trying to cover up their own reports (and other analysis still being withheld) that says so? How about the delays to the Hall park and the lies about its cost and having enough money to build it?


  1. I have been to a bunch of these. This was a complete waste of time. The sound was very close to inauditable and every question was required to be phrased as to accomadate a yes or no answer only. Many questions were replied with yes,yes,no,yes,no,yes panel reply.
    If anyone tried to offer more that yes or no, they were corrected.
    A waste of time.

  2. All you need to know is Stocks is Rotten for Encinitas. But if Americans are stupid enough to elect Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama, they are clearly stupid enough to vote in a fat corrupt pig like Jerome Stocks. If you care about your community and your children, tell 10 voters in Encinitas to vote for any other candidate besides the corrupt pig called Jerome Stocks.

  3. Becky - right on! DUMP $tock$!!

  4. Jerome wins a seat every time. There was a reason people voted for him. It is astonishing that so few people wanting to see JS gone don't try to figure out what JS offers the voters and then try to find a candidate who will appeal to Jerome's voters as a viable option, to pull his votes.

  5. 1) He's a Republican.

    2) His enormous campaign funding from developers and slate mailer endorsements inform "low-information" voters, who are a majority of the Encinitas electorate.

    So what you need to defeat Jerome Stocks is a Republican who can get endorsements from the Lincoln Club and county GOP and lots of campaign funds from developers. In other words, Jerome Stocks.

  6. I don't think they vote for him because he's a Republican, but do agree the mailers probably have a big impact.

    LB, did you have anything specific in mind?

  7. People need to get out there and outlining all the bad things Jerome Stocks has done for Encinitas.

    1. In 2005, Jerome Stocks voted in a Huge 35% pension increase for all City Council and every City Employee. This one benefitted Mark Muir to the tune of more than $1,000 more in monthly payments or more than $10,000 a year forever. This one action cost the City Tax Payer Mega Million$$!

    2. In 2005, Jerome Stocks voted in a 14% pay increase for all City employees.... this was at a time when other City's were laying off people and cutting pay.

    3. In oh so many times to count, Jerome Stocks supports UPZONING which means more profits for the developers at the expense of the neighboring community.

    4. Jerome Stocks is against Open Government and transparency. Too many examples to list.

    5. Jerome Stocks is a liar. Too many examples to list

    6. Jerome Stocks is bad for the culture of City Hall.... He allows if not promotes, council and city employees to ignore public input and just push through whatever he wants. Too major examples- Cardiff Masterplan, our Regional Mega Sports Complex.

    7. Jerome Stocks is bad for the financial future of Encinitas and quality of life.... again too many examples to list.....

    the list could go on for 5 more pages.

    Today, get out and tell 10 voting citizens how bad Jerome $tock$ is for Encinitas.

  8. Becky, appreciate your input, but claims without evidence are useless.

    In addition to concrete examples, we need to be able to be able to tie those examples directly to Stocks (not just council) w/ minimal wiggle room. I'd appreciate this info from anyone who can provide it.

    I think points 1 & 2 will be most persuasive to his supporters who claim to be "conservative" (in theory).

    I also think the smear campaign mailers should be highlighted.

  9. Rob,

    Tons of evidence. Most know but I don't want to spend the time typing all the crap Jeromes done. Maybe someone else can help out. Good easy point about the smear campaign against Maggie. Clowns, clowns and more clowns.... Jerome will see clowns at the pearly gates of _______.

  10. Just got our first mailer today. Surprisingly, it was for Shaffer!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Well.... Looks like Jerome Stocks's crooked ways finally affected Encinitas future and will negatively affect your future from here on out. With his huge 35% increase in pensions forever vote in 2005, he doomed Encinitas.

    You can see the evidence in recent report on underfunding on pensions. ENCINITAS IS SECOND FROM THE BOTTOM!!!



  13. Will anyone be speaking at the next Council meeting re: up zoning the Pacific View School site?


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