Saturday, September 15, 2012

Get out the Vote

I sure hope the Honey Boo Boo family goes to the polls this November.

And, all of those people who spend 1000 times more watching Honey Boo Boo than learning about what is happening in the world around 'em, them too. Just say'n.

 It would be even more cosmic if all those people who had no intention or motivation to vote found out on election day that their friends voted, and that manipulated them to go out to the polls and vote too. I'm sure those voters are the super informed voters, who would never do anything like vote for someone just because they have a cool name (e.g. James Bond).


  1. After reading that this lame ass show outdrew both conventions in viewership I had to check the show out. It was beyond stupid!

    Idiocracy is alive and thriving in America today. Too bad Honey and her ilk are going to decide elections all over this country if we all don't get out and vote.

  2. Somewhat off topic, but I was just contacted over the phone by someone with Mountain West Research Center who was conducting a voting survey. They asked if I was going to vote, and then a number of questions regarding the Encinitas City Council race and propositions. I think the call originated from a call center in India, as the name mispronunciations were pretty hysterical. Who is paying for such a survey? And no, I didn't provide or wasn't asked to provide any personal info other than my age, race(?)and who/what I would be voting for. Has anyone else been contacted by this group?

  3. I've been seeing stuff about this Honey Boob Boob pop up on my facebook feed and I've tried so hard to stay ignorant as to what a Honey Boo Boo is. Damn this post!


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